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Ministry of Shit : 2003 Anus

"Ministry of Shit : 2003 Anus" - Spasticated Records Australia

Click the tracks for download direct from Spasticated Records

  • 01. Mark N - I Love Faeces

  • 02. DSP Wanker - Lost In Glottal Stops

  • 03. Knifehandchop & Kevin Blecdom - Superstars

  • 04. Skkatter - Please Take My Head Out Of This Bucket Of Ice

  • 05. Wobbly - Let Me Know

  • 06. Ascdi - Splatisfaction

  • 07. AC/3P - Oi!

  • 08. Girl Talk - Lets Run This

  • 09. Toecutter - Shit On Me

  • 10. Dsico - I R*cked Britney (Moonwalk Style)

  • 11. 7u? - Premature Dementia

  • 12. Manny Phalanxx - Hear Me Roar (Where’s The Cheese)

  • 13. Animal - Liberty Re^x (seXy Sp0t mix)

  • 14. DJ Smallcock - Curse Of The Smallcock

  • 15. Trotters - Ice Ice Bacon

    this outofprint CD is listed here
    RELEASES --->

    I emailed Spasticated Records cos I love this album and the title / cover of course!, I received a nice reply from Luke (the 'MAN' or 1 of them, who knows?)
    I asked if there would be a follow up (like Ministry of Sound do :) occaisonnaly every 2 weeks or so :) )
    His reply was no.. :/ B U T Toecutter WAS/IS into the idea of part 2 or Ministry of Shitted or some name.. I was told. :)
    Cool. I hope so.

    Anyway there is no guarentee how long this will be available for free until bye bye forever (?) so I thought a repost was in order in case you didn't see it or the original posts process of copy/paste was a pain in the Anus.

    Enjoy.. the tunes.

    Artbreaker if you want the "ahref" of each track i'll post it over - bloody boring after the 50th, 100's ?? dunno yet i might have to learn applescript ;)

    Belladonnakillz - Perverted And Proud (2005)

    Belladonnakillz - Perverted And Proud (2005)

    Catalogue - DTK 03
    Label - Dross tik Records
    Rel.Date - 25th March 2005

    01 Untitled 1 00:08
    02 Gotta Gotta Gotta Kil1 04:51
    03 Yeah Hell Yeah 04:44
    04 Untitled 2 00:17
    05 Tribute 2 Drugz 04:11
    06 Grrly Jungle 04:28
    07 Damn Domestik Dispute 05:16
    08 Kill Bella Donna 04:20
    09 Untitled 3 00:13
    10 Charming Snake Charming The Snake 06:11
    11 I H8 Politixxx 05:12
    12 Sexy Grrl 03:51
    13 Untitled 4 00:33
    14 From Bad 2 Worse 05:02
    15 Kill Bella Donna (Panacea Rmx) 04:59
    16 Charming Dxm 01:05
    17 Forget About Forget 05:56

    The full-length debut from Toronto's Belladonnakillz. Known as an industrial strength hardcore dj, this cd of all original material shows him combining together original vocal hooks, jungle rinsouts, creative catchy melodies, and grinding hardcore into a very unique whole. It's got a pretty strong pop appeal, even though its pretty much a hardcore album. Features a Panacea remix of "Kill Bella Donna."
    URL -

    BTW - Panacea on its way - i love his stuff, in fact its all his fault :)


  • Thanks?? did i up this? or.. oh who cares thank to who upped this :)

    General Malice - The Final Takeover (2006)

    General Malice - The Final Takeover

    sorry trance fans - just breakcoreing balls :P

    Artist - General Malice
    Album - Final Takeover
    Catalogue - N2O057CD
    Source - CD
    Genre - Ragga-Jungle, Jungle
    Label - Nitrous Oxide
    Rls.Date - ??-June-2006
    Format - m4a, 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz
    Size - 35 MB**

    01.Original Dun Dunna Intro
    02.Mad Skillz & Stars
    03.Sword Sharpening
    04.The Stopper
    05.King Sounds
    06.N2O Never Falsify
    07.Kill Em' All
    08.Club Shakin'
    09.Beat You at Your Own Game
    11.Junglist Girls Cry
    12.Too Much Babblin'


  • (As you know about m4a etc.. being at 128 thats max quality so dont sweat the size. any higher and 'sardine' compression fucks up...
    Its about removing as much of the sound as possible we cant hear, ie tricking our senses. i dont like it myself, some people can hear freqs that others cant etc..excluding chemical auditory enhancement, mp3 is bad enough but ok at 256. in fact i'll post some bullshit about compression & moores law.)

    Not Windowlicker video but Venetian Snares live sets.

    I did have the 4 parts of this to post but part 1 has been pulled by some miserable so heres the pick anyway.

    The amount of people I freaked with the sticker when WARP sent it to me, they would go "nice pair, eh its a bloke!!!" except those who knew Aphex Twin/Windowlicker vid.

    So i'll post up some videos 1st from MySpace, if you want a QT version, there are MySpace capture sites. Do a google. something like 'my space web site video capture sites' haha

    So as i'm not posting Windowlicker video, heres probably the last Live Festival/Club sets. Found a great 1 with Rotator, Doormouse, Donna Summer, Noisecreator etc.. (i'll get that to you Shmalfus, i think you may like it) Also has a great old skool Network23 set.. n more...


    VENETIAN SNARES LIVE SETS (from 1 'place'**)

    07.05.2005 - Live @ die Werft, Austria

    Size - 100MB (this is a new enhanced file, klangwerk release + audience recording)

  • 05.03.2005 - Live in Detroit

    Size - 150MB

  • 14.10.2004 - Live in Montreal, New Music Festival

    Size - 60MB

  • 31.01.2004 - Sickness, NYC Brooklyn

    Size - 128MB

  • 11.11.2003 - Live atThe Breezeblock

    Size - 50MB

  • 29.08.2003 - Live in Winnipeg

    Size - 41MB

  • 17.04.2003 - Live at ATP Festival

    Size - 40MB

  • 18.10.2002 - The Steeple - 128kbit - Ghent, Belgium

    Size - 54MB

  • 18.05.2002 - East Troy, Wisconsin - Live @ The Barn

    Size - 124MB

  • 07.09.2001 - Brave New Waves Mix
    (from CBC Radio 2 at 1:35AM Toronto time)

    Size - 85MB,

  • additional .nfo file here
  • .nfo

  • 17.08.01 - Live at Schmaltz

    Size - 80MB

  • 08.07.2001 - Hamburg/Golden Pudel - Making Orange Things Megamix

    Size - 11MB

  • 06.07.2001 - Live in Dresden/Schleife

    Size - 55MB

  • 2001 - Live in Vancouver

    Size - 56MB

  • 2001 - Live at Darkside 9/Columbus,Ohio

    Size - 64MB

  • ??.??.?? - at Club Yellow/Tokio (?)

    Size - 19MB

  • ** I have MANY more Venetian Snares Live sets plus Live Sets, Gigs (visual) TV Interviews + Radio appearances by Squarepusher, U(µ)Ziq, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada & Plaid + a small collection of Breakcore videos, and quite a bit larger IDM, D'n'B, Leftfield Hip Hop (Roots Manuva (Big Dada Label to Def Jux Label videos.

    Please request.

    The Breakcore Gives Me Wood collection will be the last (& this) of Live Sets EXCEPT for individual LABEL releases.

    Bootlegs on reguest :) - I'll email you the site, it will yield 10 times more than me posting a few (takes too long doing it as above)


    419 Eaters - Scambaiters.

  • Heres a little thing i'll be adding from time to time, some for your knowledge & hopefully to help you as it has me & for others will be to help eh.. others :) WTF?

    419 Eaters are Scambaiters. You know the thing, some guy has 'died' (in Nigeria), your his nearest relative, you get a split of 200 billion billion peanuts or something amazing with the oh so legit solicitor etc etc..

    Well we are all bored of these emails etc so these guys (419 Eaters who it seems are very organised, have FUN with these scum assholes who prey on vulnerable people.

    Basically at root level they (could be you or me) keep the scammers busy so they don't rip off my or your 75 year old nan who just wants to see her grandchildrens pictures on the pc you (gave) got her when you upgraded, but as she checks her email falls into one of these blags, so if someone is already keeping that person (the criminal) busy, my nan can surf away safely. :)

    On the more 'skilled' levels they are bringing down false banks & all the other traps such as the false banks requesting your details and such. So good on them.

    Anyway you get the picture, if we all 'baited' a scammer once a week, in about 3 months they'd give up.

    Drop by, check the forums, i bet theres a funny story or 10 as all 'baits' are recorded for our amusement. Some scams are quite sophisticated (when they are trying to gain trust of someone to send £50,000 i'd imagine a LOT of effort can go into certain scams) I see video's are sent out to baiters etc (to show a ?? house ? or whatever exists. I could go on and have said far too much already. Hope you stayed with me.

    :) Its a good cause. I'll post more as i find them, they are all over my computers in folders... just found this 1.

    So please drop by if only for curiosity.

  • 419 Eaters - SCAMBAITERS
  • Legowelt - Classics 1998-2003

    Legowelt - Classics 1998-2003

    Genre - Electronic
    Style - Electro, Synth-pop, Ambient, Disco
    YearÖ - 2003
    Label - Clone
    Country - Netherlands
    Source - CD
    Quality - 128 kbps / 44,1 kHz / stereo

    01 Sturmvogel (5:30)
    02 Strange Girl (6:05)
    03 Total Pussy Control (6:05)
    04 Are You Truly Debonaire (3:57)
    05 Dirty Love (5:36)
    06 The Republic (5:00)
    07 The Nomium Syndrome (6:04)
    08 Cherri Meets The Professor (2:49)
    09 Against The World (6:07)
    10 Haunted Arp (3:02)
    11 Chokolectricity (4:45)
    12 Gotoburg Jacks (5:16)
    13 Dimension Door (5:52)


  • i LOVE BUNKER label, old & the new. Not Breakcore but nice dirty ole 303 , Legowelt now is more Tech House stykle (i think thers some free downloads at his site) This album, vinyl is 'Classic' enjoy.. expect some Orgue Electronic, Rude 66 & others every now & then (mainly cos its hard to find, got about 25? ish)...


    iFolder how to use info reminder & Like the new kit?

    What do you think? I needed a little bit more bass, that central 'box' (house!) should work :)

    RE - iFolder.

    Sometimes iFolder will appear as if you cannot download after typing the 4 digit code and being in Russian many may think the link is dead. (i have probably 100 times but its not the case, it seems iFolder holds files indeffinately (i assume forever/no limit)

    Heres how to use it IF it appears a dead link.

    How to download from iFolder:
    - click the link
    - enter the number
    - click the "" link
    - in the little text, there is one word you can click, click it
    - click one of the website links listed over there
    - wait 30seconds (you can see counter at top of the page)
    - click the link that appears
    - again enter a code
    - download the piece of shit

    Doormouse / Subjex - Say, Is That A Pickle In Your Pocket?

    Label: Combine
    Catalog#: COMB 01
    Format: 12"
    Country: Belgium
    Released: 2003
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: IDM, Breakcore, Experimental


    A1 - Subjex - First Intention Breaks
    A2 - Doormouse - Funkagai
    A3 - Subjex - Gona Mad Jukebox
    A4 - Doormouse - 00TRX Sesamie
    B1 - Subjex - Yadlaloop
    B2 - Doormouse - Cree
    B3 - Subjex - I've Dl All The Presets


    Liked a picture? It's time to check out the music

    Aaron Spectre "Amen, Punk" EP (2005)

    Image is corrupt, to tired to search, its 10 am, i've been up 26 hours... cant think... :) check --> or - peace. Turk.

    Aaron Spectre "Amen, Punk" EP

    styles: Breakcore, Jungle, Ragga
    label: Omeko
    cat #: Omeko005
    format: vinyl 12"
    released: 2005
    bitrate: 320 Kbit/s

    1. 1600 Penn, FTW (5:37)
    2. Pay To Cum VIP (2:54)
    3 .You Don't Know (4:09)


  • Last 1 for at least 12 hours :)

    Big thanks (again) to Shmalfus for a large amount of these tunes, please buy them, the peeps are just like us, devil spawn & need money to buy bullets or something...

    Aaron Spectre "Evil Must Foul" (2005)

    Aaron Spectre "Evil Must Foul"

    styles: Breakcore, Jungle, Ragga
    label: Death$ucker Records
    cat #: D$R12.0
    format: vinyl 12"
    released: 2005
    bitrate: VBR 192 Kbit/s

    1. Look Out Fi Liar (5:53)
    2. Mordor (5:29)
    3. Alien vs Rodigan (4:33)

  • Bong-Ra - Stereohype Heroin Hooker (2006)

    Artist: Bong-Ra
    Album: Stereohype Heroin Hooker
    Year: 2006
    Label: Ad Noiseam
    Bitrate: Various bitrate
    Size: 88,8 Mb

    01 - Coke Sniffah (5:49)
    02 - The Rush (Long Time Coming) (4:33)
    03 - Suicide Speed Machine Girl (6:16)
    04 - Death To False Metal (2:47)
    05 - Coke Sniffah (Duran Duran Duran Remix) (4:21)
    06 - The Rush [Long Time Coming] (Drop The Lime Remix) (5:32)
    07 - Suicide Speed Machine Girl (Parasite Remix) (4:11)
    08 - Death To False Metal (Enduser Remix) (3:55)
    09 - Coke Sniffah (Cardopusher Remix) (4:23)
    10 - The Rush [Long Time Coming] (Dr. Bastardo Remix) (5:32)
    11 - Suicide Speed Machine Girl (Ace Of Breaks Remix) (6:23)
    12 - Death To False Metal (Cake Builder Remix) (4:37)

  • Society Suckers - Le Ragazze Hanno Ancora Sete (2005)

    Society Suckers - Le Ragazze Hanno Ancora Sete

    Label: Mental.Ind.Records
    Format: 12"
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2005
    Bitrate: Various bitrate

    A1 - Sorgente Di Vita
    A2 - Sapiamo Cosa Stiamo Facendo
    B1 - Hardcoretekkno
    B2 - L' Analgesico E L' Amore
    B3 - Kakke Ekko

  • Doormouse - Freaked Out Mess (2002)

    Artist: Doomouse
    Album: Freaked Out Mess
    Label: Addict Records
    Format: CD
    Released: 2002
    Bitrate: 192 kb\s


    01 - Crustomer (Moving To Miami)
    02 - Face In The Gutter
    03 - Back Door Blues
    04 - Skelechairs (Remix)
    05 - Ginoism
    06 - Hairblz
    07 - Sing Along Morning Song
    08 - Infatuated Testicles
    09 - Anyone Who Names A Track
    10 - Zanzi
    11 - Tardcore
    12 - Warpigs


  • there is a Rapid$hit link from scumone else ;) but we prefer iFolder, Deposit File etc, well anything that is not Rapid$hit.

    Mr. Kill (aka Rotator) - Haters want war (2005)

    Mr. Kill (aka Rotator) - Haters want war (2005)

    A1 - Voodoo Magic (7:17)
    B1 - Brukout (6:17)
    B2 - ???xxx??? (Bonus) (3:12)


  • Thanks Shmalfus.

    (we haven't realy started yet... and i'm not boasting just kind of daunted :P )

    Cardopusher - Hippie Killers Don’t Mind Jah Conversations (2006)

    Cardopusher - Hippie Killers Don’t Mind Jah Conversations

    Label: Peace Off
    Format: 2x12"
    Country: France
    Released: 25 Jan 2006
    Bitrate: 320 kb/s

    A1 - Broken Generation (2:39)
    A2 - I'm Going To Rave Your Ass Up Like An Accident (3:13)
    A3 - Shemales No Lloran (2:42)
    A4 - Cuca (3:19)
    B1 - At The Same Time (3:13)
    B2 - It's Evolution Baby (1:55)
    B3 - I Cannot Buy Dollars (3:27)
    B4 - I Believe I Can Jah (3:15)
    C1 - Estudio92 (3:11)
    C2 - Sun Bears (3:31)
    C3 - Intermission (0:57)
    C4 - At The Same Time (Mothboy Remix) (3:18)
    D1 - Hit Me With Your Rythm Stick (3:58)
    D2 - You Only Die Twice (3:37)
    D3 - "Hard To Be A Girl"???? (4:08)

  • Noize Punishment - Punk Breakcore EP (2006)

    Noize Punishment - Punk Breakcore EP (2006)

    a1 - wr
    a2 - hardcore man
    a3 - GTG 2011
    a4 - DK2
    a5 - Brott
    b1 - Sick
    b2 - t-boy


  • Thanks Shmalfus ;)

    Kid606 - The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fucking Jams

    Label: Violent Turd
    Format: CD
    Country: New Zealand
    Released: 2002
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: IDM, Gabber
    Bitrate: 192 kb/s

    01 - Sometimes I Thank God I Can't Sing Because Than No One Can Blame Me for Anything (3:24)
    02 - MP3 Killed the CD Star (11:25)
    03 - Kiddy Needs a New Pair of Laptops (9:47)
    04 - Never Underestimate the Value of a Holler [Vipee-pee Mix] (14:19)
    05 - Rebel Girl (3:41)
    06 - Smack My Glitch Up (6:30)
    07 - This Is Not My Statement (13:03)

  • Rotator (x2)

    Rotator - Dissident sound maniac part 1.0 (2005)

    A1 - Mutanoid Soundbwoy
    A2 - Don't Sleep Ghostly !!!
    B1 - Big Booty
    B2 - Fight Back


  • Rotator - Help Me Keep Up Destruktion (2006)

    A1 - Distorted species
    A2 - Meloko Dolomo
    B1 - Labba Labba
    B2 - Help Me To Keep Up Destruktion
    B3 - Chicken Boogie


  • 2 of MANY to come, a BIG thank you to Shmalfus for his efforts. :)

    Peace bro.

    Speedy J - A Shocking Hobby (2000)

    Speedy J - A Shocking Hobby (2000)

    Genre : Industrial, Ambient, IDM, Broken Beat (4 genres? so its Speedy J then?)
    Released : 2000
    Country : USA
    Label : NovaMute
    Format : CD
    Quality: MP3, 256kb/s

    Hmm Country US? guess this rip was.

    01 Terre Zippy (3:05)
    02 Borax (5:02)
    03 Ferber Mudd (1:11)
    04 Balk Acid (6:39)
    05 Drill (8:01)
    06 Caligula (2:06)
    07 Vopak (3:33)
    08 Actor Nine (5:41)
    09 Sabina Seat (5:43)
    10 Amoco Cadiz (8:24)
    11 Manhasset (6:42)


  • I'll post GINGER in time to prove that The ORB are crap and Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works & Ginger are FAR better records than that Pink friggin Fluffy BVum Fluff ambient shite he puked out (Dr Patterson btw) :) i hated coming down to the Orb - yawn...

    sorry rant.. i've been up all night..

    i WILL get to Shmalfus's stuff! :)

    VA - Beter Kom Je Niet Mixed by Unexist and Hellfish

    VA - Beter Kom Je Niet Mixed by Unexist and Hellfish

    Label - Megarave Records
    Format - 2xCD
    Country - Netherlands
    Released - 17 Oct 2006
    Genre - Speedcore, Hardcore, Gabber, Industrial


    01 Unexist - Beter Kom Je Niet Intro
    02 Tymon - Passing by
    03 Hectic Fence - Weapon of De-fence
    04 Stormtrooper - Existenz (D-Passion remix)
    05 Placid K - Wheel
    06 Ophidian & Ruffneck - Noisemaker
    07 Unexist - Int/x1
    08 Promo - Rage Ignites The Fire
    09 Meccano Twins - Pure intension
    10 SRB - Hydraulic Power
    11 Negative A - Madness Insanity
    12 Scan 7 - You Have the Rights (D-Passion remix)
    13 DT6 - Bloodbath
    14 D-Passion - Change History
    15 Delta 9 - Erased
    16 Negative A - The Cure
    17 Tieum & Ophidian - Be Carefull
    18 Tieum - I Still Fucked Up
    19 Promo - Don't Be Fucking With My Shit
    20 I:Gor - Crowd Rocker (Bryan Fury Remix)
    21 Moleculez - Morning Has Broken
    22 Delta 9 - No More Regrets (Delta 9 & Lenny Dee Remix)
    23 I:Gor - Rollin'
    24 Satronica - Last Caress
    25 Bombardier - Radio Tower
    26 DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror ( NY Hardcore Mix)


    01 Hellfish - BKJN
    02 I:Gor - Funk off
    03 Hellfish - Raisin' hell
    04 Micron - Indie Mashup
    05 Justice - Kokane
    06 Hellfish - Headbanger
    07 Hellfish - Rip The Cut
    08 Domlphin and Technoist - Power Without Form
    09 Hellfish - Fuck 9 (Death 2 Fury Remix)
    10 Radium - 24 & 0 (Androgyn Remix)
    11 Hellfish & The Dj Producer - Turn it In
    12 The Speed Freak - Ganjasex
    13 The DJ Producer - Out of Control (Huge Space Arena Mix)
    14 Bryan Fury & Hellfish - UK Scumbags
    15 Liquid Blasted - Enjoy My Music Shit
    16 The DJ Producer - Knowledge
    17 Technological Terror Crew - Dopeman T.T.C. Style
    18 I:Gor - Let The Rythm Hit 'Em
    19 Micron - Break Implode
    20 The Speed Freak - Devastator Aftermath
    21 Detest - Get The Fuckaaa
    22 Hellfish - The Steel Fish Finger


  • CD2:

  • part2

  • CUE

  • This may cause blindness... well it might..... lots of lovely Hellfish :) n some other nutters.

    I could keep posting... hmm why not..
    Shmalfus's excellent stuff :) i've been promising... shit this stuff is good...

    Rob Zombie - Past, Present & Future (2003)

    Rob Zombie - Past, Present & Future

    no info - cant be bothered to look, but its proly on Geffen Records
    Released - 2003
    Country - US
    Quality - 192 kbps

    Track listing
    "Thunder Kiss '65" (White Zombie) - 3:54
    "Black Sunshine" (White Zombie) - 4:49
    "Feed the Gods" (White Zombie) - 4:30
    "More Human Than Human" (White Zombie) - 4:28
    "Super-Charger Heaven" (White Zombie) - 3:37
    "I'm Your Boogieman" (White Zombie) - 4:27 (KC and the Sunshine Band Cover)
    "Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) (w/Alice Cooper)" - 4:12
    "The Great American Nightmare (w/Howard Stern)" - 3:54
    "Dragula" - 3:42
    "Living Dead Girl" - 3:22
    "Superbeast" - 3:40
    "Feel So Numb" - 3:53
    "Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)" - 3:10
    "Demon Speeding" - 3:44
    "Brick House 2003 (w/Lionel Richie & Trina)" - 3:48 (The Commodores Cover)
    "Pussy Liquor" - 4:46
    "Blitzkrieg Bop" (Ramones Cover) - 2:43
    "Two-Lane Blacktop" (Previously Unreleased) - 3:02
    "Girl on Fire" (Previously Unreleased) - 3:29

    I know its not breakcore or idm or flip flop but i like White/Rob Zombie so heres a kind of 'best of' (certainly in the White Zombie area)

    Check it out, i bet you'll find it hARD NOT TO ENJOY THE 1ST 6 TRACKS (4 & 5 - SHIEEET (crap caps lock)

    If you enjoy, i'll pop up the 5 or 6 albums, but i haven't esp ;)

    'More Human Than Human' i'll play this as we kick Shmalfus' face we throw darts at his photo, quite hard.

    ps they call this 'Industrial Metal' i would think of it as a laugh with some loud guitar samples n real ones plus vocoders galore n a computer... tags, pigeon holes... pffff


  • or

  • pass:

    The Artbreaker

    A recent Dubstep mix from the man - Artbreaker- In his words :- "Here is a little DJ session I threw down the other night. It's a dubstep mix and features all unreleased tunes, most coming from producers on the dubstep forum.

    Say what you will about dubstep, but I think all of these tunes are downright awesome."

    I agree, good music is good music, fuck what genre or fashion... gimme bass!


  • I'll pop up a seriously smokey Dubstep album in a bit from Kode9, gruff!

    but i must get these in while your not watching...

    Nightmares On Wax - In A Space Outta Sound [Warp] (2006)

    Artist - Nightmares On Wax
    Title - In A Space Outta Sound
    Label - Warp Records, WARP CD 133
    Genre - Lo-Fi, Downtempo (CRAP tag - sound more like Dubbed out Stoner Cutz to me)
    Encoder: Lame + EAC
    Quality - 320 kbps 44,1, 12 tracks - ALL AV posts are at least 192kbps UNLESS VERY!! hard to find.
    Country - UK


    01 Passion
    02 The Sweetest
    03 Flip Ya Lid
    04 Pudpots
    05 Damn
    06 You Wish
    07 Deepdown
    08 Chime Out
    09 Me!
    10 I Am You
    11 Soul Purpose
    12 African Pirates


  • I LOVE this album so NOW its added but it is Time to turn up the heat and VOLUME!!

    B A S S - we are very low, we're ratz, how low can you go?

    Friday, October 20, 2006

    Nice picture for album cover, isn't it?

    Doormouse / Subjex - Say, Is That A Pickle In Your Pocket? <------ Turk!!! Give me this album!!! ))

    Thursday, October 19, 2006


    The Flashbulb - Flexing Habitual (2006)

    Artist: The Flashbulb
    Title: Flexing Habitual
    Label: Sublight Records
    Genre: Breakcore
    Release Date: Sep-28-2006

    The Flashbulb turns out a 10 track album of the best breakcore tracks he has ever produced, trading up the soft organic palette of his last release Reunion for blinding Amen attacks, hard digital arrangements and tons of interwoven melodies. Time-stretched and mutilated beats have never sounded better blended with Benn Jordan's amazing ability for song writing. Seriously enjoyable stuff for 2006 from The Flashbulb.

    01. Ninedump
    02. Stretch Industry
    03. Chik Habit
    04. Please Don't Remember
    05. Amen Iraq
    06. Six Acid Strings
    07. Bash
    08. Birthday Colour
    09. Lucid Bass III
    10. Lawn Wake XI

  • Sendspace



    Sorry NONE are the Share Sites we shall be using in the future (iFOLDER will be, there is info regarding how to download certain files in the archives, i will re-add this from time to time).

    ALL my uploads need redoing, so Shmalfus has kindly, with MUCH effort & time, made available MANY EXCELLENT shares ready to post.
    As he has made this possible and given me the time to put my shares in order, I will post them but please know they are his (very) hard work.

    Keep your eyes peeled, the stuff to come is quite simply superb!.


    Big Up SHMALFUS!!!!


    Oh I guess we should introduce you to our faces :) soon...

    Shmalfus is doing his hair...

    This is me :-

    µ-Ziq: Lunatic Harness (1997) + My Little Beautiful EP

    µ-Ziq: Lunatic Harness (1997) + My Little Beautiful EP

    Label: Astralwerks / Planet Mu, Virgin Records(UK)
    Artist: µ-Ziq
    Album: Lunatic Harness / My Little Beautiful
    Format: CD / CD5"
    Country: US / UK
    Released: 29 Jul 1997 / Jun 1997
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: IDM, Jungle
    Bitrate: VBR~320Kbps / 256 Kbps

    Lunatic Harness:

    Artist: µ-Ziq
    Album: Lunatic Harness
    Format: CD
    Country: US
    Label: Astralwerks
    Released: 29 Jul 1997
    Style: IDM, Jungle
    Bitrate: VBR~320Kbps

    01 Brace Yourself Jason (6:22)
    02 Hasty Boom Alert (5:15)
    03 Mushroom Compost (3:19)
    04 Blainville (3:40)
    05 Lunatic Harness (6:05)
    06 Approaching Menace (7:01)
    07 My Little Beautiful (5:39)
    08 Secret Stair PT. 1 (4:16)
    09 Secret Stair PT. 2 (5:00)
    10 Wannabe (6:49)
    11 Catkin and Teasel (4:36)
    12 London (6:11)
    13 Midwinter Log (6:38)

  • ifolder.part1
  • ifolder.part2


    My Little Beautiful:

    Artist: µ-Ziq
    Album: My Little Beautiful
    Format: CD5"
    Country: UK
    Released: Jun 1997
    Label: Planet Mu, Virgin Records(UK)
    Style: IDM, Jungle
    Bitrate: 256Kbps

    01 My Little Beautiful (4:05)
    02 Hanky Pokery (5:02)
    03 Jiggery Panky (5:22)
    04 Worcester (5:05)

  • ifolder


    Enduser - Pushing Back (2006)

    Enduser - Pushing Back [2006]

    Enduser's new album takes you for a ride somewhere between fury and harmony: "Pushing Back" is a perfect balance between Lynn Standafer's hard drum'n'bass and an intense, careful work with melodies and vocals. Featuring Nongenetic (of SShadow Huntaz), Kazumi, and none other than Jared Louche of Chemlab, and remixes by DJ Hidden and Bong-Ra, "Pushing Back" is a new album Enduser can be very proud of.

    01 starting... now
    02 switch
    03 positioned (featuring nongenetic of shadow huntaz)
    04 across
    05 genesis (featuring kazumi)
    06 the catalyst (dj hidden remix)
    07 an apology
    08 pushing chaos (bong-ra remix)
    09 pushing back
    10 off
    11 the maker (featuring jared louche of chemlab)
    12 pushing chaos

    or 2x12" Tracklisting

    Tracklisting (CD / 2x12"):
    1 / A1. Starting... Now
    2 / A2. Switch
    3 / A3. Positioned (featuring Nongenetic of Shadow Huntaz)
    4 / B1. Across
    5 / B2. Genesis (featuring Kazumi)
    6 / B3. The Catalyst (DJ Hidden remix)
    7 / C1. An Apology
    8 / C2. Pushing Chaos (Bong-Ra remix)
    9 / C3. Pushing Back
    10 / D1. Off
    11 / D2. The Maker (featuring Jared Louche of Chemlab)
    12 / D3. Pushing Chaos

    A new major contribution to Enduser's growing discography, “Pushing Back” sees Lynn Standafer integrate new elements to his otherwise typical sound, and take its listener to a new memorable ride.

    An artist recognised as one of the most important of today breakcore and drum'n'bass scene, Enduser had long wished to release an album where his hard beats and sudden breaks would be presented together with specially recorded vocals and prominent melodies. This project finally sees the light of the day with “Pushing Back”, an album on which the listener gets both the heavily pounding beats of such tracks as the title track or the opening “Starting... now” as well as the vocal contribution of Kazumi (known for her work on Planet Mu and City Centre Offices), Shadow Huntaz's Nongenetic and Chemlab's Jared Louche. These three vocalists and their very different styles are all integrated seamlessly into Enduser's sounds, and join the remixes by label mates Bong-Ra and DJ Hidden on the surprisingly coherent patchwork that is “Pushing Back”, an album at the perfect meeting point between fury and harmony.

    Enduser's new album was written over a relatively long period for this prolific artist. A special care to the details and the production has been given on “Pushing Back”, this album reflecting well Enduser's experience and progress along the years. Ad Noiseam is happy to present this new album which marks a decisive point in Enduser's career.

    Shadow Huntaz:
    DJ Hidden:

    Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux.

    Other releases by Enduser on Ad Noiseam:
    -Enduser & Larvae "Unraveled Ears " - adn61
    -Enduser & Submerged "Appropriate & Deface " - adn54
    -Enduser "Run War" - adn46
    -Enduser "Mashed up and beatdown" - adn45
    -Enduser "Bollywood Breaks" - adn41
    -Enduser / Bong-Ra / Shitmat "Monsters of Mashup" - adn49

    Theres a bit of info eh? oh you just want the download link... :)

  • BOGDAN RACZYNSKI - 96 Drum'N'Bass Classixx (2002)

    A 'classic' album, I love his stuff, plz enjoy. I would post more but I dont know if anyone wants it (cough) comments/chat request ;)

    BOGDAN RACZYNSKI - 96 Drum'N'Bass Classixx

    Label: Rephlex
    Catalog#: CAT 120 LP
    Format: 2xLP
    Country: UK
    Released: 2002
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle, Experimental
    Notes: Limited to 300 copies. Bogdan Raczynski has used a different 'old skool' artist name for each track.

    A1 MC Slammah & Digital Hooliganz - Reach For Your Lives (4:22)
    A2 Suburban Fox - Battle Zone 1996 (4:49)
    A3 Abdullah K - Trip To The Boom (5:05)
    B1 Re-Start - '96 'Ardkore Canin' (7:09)
    C1 DJ Whisky - On The Case (5:05)
    C2 Kingsland Kru - Pouch Fulla Seed (Hard On You Mix) (2:47)
    C3 King Herod - Cyclops (4:30)
    C4 Ronny Rinkles - Solid Hold On Me Solid Gold (1:47)
    D1 4-Cillinda - D&D Diabolical (3:54)
    D2 Optomotorist, The - Governor's Banquet (2:40)
    D3 Senator Steele - Put Em Up Sharif (1:57)
    D4 Agent 30 - 5L45H! 4TT4CK! 3NT3R K3Y! (5:44)

  • Drumcorps - Grist (2006)

    Drumcorps - Grist (2006)

    Label - Ad Noiseam (Ad Noiseam adn70 & Cock Rock Disco crock013)
    Co-release between Ad Noiseam and Cock Rock Disco. -
    Rip Qual - VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
    Released - Sep-30-2006

    "Grist", the debut full-length by Drumcorps.
    Far from just a typical grindcore mash-up mix, producer Aaron Spectre plays many of the riffs and tweaks the source material to near impossible levels, all making a passionate emotional attack on the listener. The intensity of his live shows has made him increasingly in demand, destroying parties from Tokyo to London. He's at the top of his game, and "Grist" proves it.
    01 Botch Up and Die
    02 Down
    03 Pig Destroyer Destroyer
    04 Terrible Things
    05 Forgive and Forget
    06 Grainbeast
    07 Saddest RMX
    08 Incarnate
    09 Worse
    10 Time
    11 Grist


    Password -

    As this is EVERYWHERE (almost) my concience is less in posting such an early release.

    BUY IT if you want maximum quality, i post this purely for intro purposes. (of which I will introduce Shmalfus & myself with some lovely pics of us..)

    Scorn - Plan B (2002) Hymen

    Scorn - Plan B (Hymen) 2002

    Artist: Scorn
    Album: Plan B
    Label: Hymen
    Genre: Illbient'n'Bass
    Format: Mp3 Cbr 192 Kbps, 44,1 Khz


    01 Black Belt 4:39
    02 Table Of Charges 4:40
    03 Put Your Weight On It 6:06
    04 Boss 7:45
    05 Channel 5:16
    06 Sleep When Home 7:29
    07 Dangler 5:14
    08 The Snow Hill 5:39
    09 Way It Is 6:47
    10 Nekcrik 5:05
    11 Doors 7:22

    Total - 66':02''

    add the password in iFolders FRONT page, not when opening the rar file.

    Pass - diamond38

  • Cock Rock Disco Compilation 2006

    A great compilation from as great label. easy.

    Food For Animals, About, Duran Duran Duran, Dev/Null, Next Life, Stunt Rock, Slepcy, Audiogarde, Don Augusto, Drumcorps, Vorpal, Terminal 11, Doormouse, Pisstank & The Assdroids what more could you want other than more? :)

    Here it is for easy access (or you can hunt it down...)

    2 Front Covers (colour or B&W & a rear info sleeve. take from here or easier use the 1's in the download.

  • Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Breakcore GivesMe Wood Live Sets

    MUCH behind the scenes is happening at the moment, so keep visiting, your effort wont be wasted. In the meantime and to follow 1 of the last great posts....

    BGMW for you aural experience :-

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood club nights created the below Live Sets and withouth the below Live Sets there would have been no 'Breakcore Gives Me Wood' CD

    So heres 30 (not ALL) of the nights for you, the quality is excellent but not so great (listenable and worth it) at the beginning of the list - eg Sickboys set, but Drumcorps (Breakcore X) is EXCELLENT quality.

    So here they are. (of course time prevents me creating clickable links)

    30 Live Sets from the Breakcore Gives Me Wood Collection Live dates

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood III

    Droon Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood III ]-- Download here -->

    Mark N Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood III ]-- Download here -->

    Sickboy Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood III ]-- Download here -->

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood IV

    Aaron Spectre(Drumcorps) Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood IV ]-- Download here -->

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood VII

    BL?RG Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood VII ]-- Download here -->

    Society Suckers Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood VII ]-- Download here -->

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood IX

    Baseck Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood IX(22.10.04) ]-- Download here -->

    Fanny Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood IX(22.10.04) ]-- Download here -->

    Gigglin Dildas Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood IX(22.10.04) ]-- Download here -->

    Synkro Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood IX(22.10.04) ]-- Download here -->

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood X

    Ambassador 21 Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood X ]-- Download here -->

    D-Aq Sed + Matar Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood X ]-- Download here -->

    Eiterherd Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood X ]-- Download here -->

    Maladroit Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood X ]-- Download here -->

    Rank Sinatra Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood X ]-- Download here -->

    Rotator Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood X ]-- Download here -->

    Sickyboy Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood X ]-- Download here -->

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood XI

    Abelcain Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood XI ]-- Download here -->

    Droon Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood XI ]-- Download here -->

    DTL Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood XI ]-- Download here -->

    Gigglin Dildas Live @ Breakcore Gives Me Wood XI ]-- Download here -->

    Rotator Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood XI ]-- Download here -->

    Xanopticon Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood XI ]-- Download here -->

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood XIV

    Foia Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood XIV(17.06.06) ]-- Download here -->

    Breakcore Gives Me Wood Vs. Boups

    Axiome Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood Vs. Boups ]-- Download here -->

    Gigglin Dildas Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood Vs. Boups ]-- Download here -->

    Knifehandchop Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood Vs. Boups ]-- Download here -->

    Mu-Ziq Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood Vs. Boups ]-- Download here -->

    Society Suckers Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood Vs. Boups ]-- Download here -->

    Xanopticon Live @Breakcore Gives Me Wood Vs. Boups ]-- Download here -->

    Enjoy.. n get ready, you may need a new harddrive.... soon!