Saturday, October 21, 2006

iFolder how to use info reminder & Like the new kit?

What do you think? I needed a little bit more bass, that central 'box' (house!) should work :)

RE - iFolder.

Sometimes iFolder will appear as if you cannot download after typing the 4 digit code and being in Russian many may think the link is dead. (i have probably 100 times but its not the case, it seems iFolder holds files indeffinately (i assume forever/no limit)

Heres how to use it IF it appears a dead link.

How to download from iFolder:
- click the link
- enter the number
- click the "" link
- in the little text, there is one word you can click, click it
- click one of the website links listed over there
- wait 30seconds (you can see counter at top of the page)
- click the link that appears
- again enter a code
- download the piece of shit


Dean said...

no way is that your real set up?

is it?

So jealous...

Turk said...

i bloody wish eh :) 1 day..... maybe just a recording studion will do :) i'm attempting to build it now... only on the floating soundproof floor so far & a couple of grand of equipment :/ but least i got the cash saved to buy some nice new monitors etc :) yum yum (i'm not materialistic EXCEPT when it comes to music equipment - Bob Marley got away with it ;)