Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dubstep O.D. - just a few on Uploaded - MOST have been posted here before.

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Post below - difficulty copying the links? - see this posts comments

below post - hmm tad cocked up see the comments of this post.

same links, same pass.

(gotta love scribefire - fast to post, fast to cock it up)

oh theres about 40 ,ore and a bunch iin format

I'll let you have a breather before posting them
.. theres quite a few eh & its a bit daunting...

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a couple of Dubstep 12s n CD/LPs :)

SOD doing clickable links - if they go... they go - I do have 'em but well - I'll do an artist batch post or label when I've 'sHorted' (wtf) my sh1t out


PASSWORD : qd8128

n h3ll yeah I borrowed these :)

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