Monday, November 16, 2009

Back from disaster

At the moment I am unsure if anyone visits anymore but if you do and you want AV to get back to what it was and more! (bringing the best quality rips and hardest to find tunes we are known for since 2006) then... 
throw me an email (or leave a comment, i'll receive it - Obviously with email you can say what you want without others reading it.)

Tell me what you want to hear or what you don't.
Make 1 or 10 requests and i'll fill them. easy as that.

If you wish to share as a member email me also. My AIM, ICQ, iChat will be switched on for direct request / chats if  theres a need for it. Looking forward to chatting about tunes and sharing 'em.

Also I like the idea of expanding a little on the Breakcore / Junglecore, Darkside Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep genres just a bit to also include some of the old skool Hardcore Labels from such classics as Bunker , SKAM , Firstcask amd more than i can think of right now. 

Get in touch.

Use it or loose it eh? :)


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