Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We Are Back
  • Aural-Virus

    Wish I could say I'd been travelling, shit even being in prison for growing greenhouses full of w33d would be better.. but to be honest i've been busy aka actually lazy as f.

    Oh i did lose everything to do with A-V when my older iMac died on me (i used it for all basic net stuff - email, downloading and blogging), little things like the password, about 200+ things ready to post not including what WAS intended for the REBIRTH ie articles i'd written about many of the great net labels, shares of videos, documentaries and more :| etc etc.

    Luckily i did throw it away, and since found all that is wrong with it is a PRAM battery - basically a cut in half AA sized Lithium Battery - Typically i can't just buy it off the shelf.

    If anyone has a spare 1/2 AA 3.6 Volt Lithium Battery (TADIRAN TL-2150 is the particular battery though durac3ll proly make 1 just not easy to find except on the net) i'll happily except it :D

    seriously.. now i have access to the email (i had 4 emails related to AV and couldn't remember any of the passwords or which was linked directly to this blogthis site.) i can also get emails again, please get in touch !! battery or not - requests welcome and i'de love to help premote some tunes, events or anything related to the music of this site or suggestion of what SHOULD be linked here.

    nuff rattleing on, i'll get my shit together and hope to bring some new, old or missed tunes to your table (turntables would be good, guess it will have to be Virtual Wheels of steel (traktor, serato, etc etc).

  • Monday, November 16, 2009

    Back from disaster

    At the moment I am unsure if anyone visits anymore but if you do and you want AV to get back to what it was and more! (bringing the best quality rips and hardest to find tunes we are known for since 2006) then... 
    throw me an email (or leave a comment, i'll receive it - Obviously with email you can say what you want without others reading it.)

    Tell me what you want to hear or what you don't.
    Make 1 or 10 requests and i'll fill them. easy as that.

    If you wish to share as a member email me also. My AIM, ICQ, iChat will be switched on for direct request / chats if  theres a need for it. Looking forward to chatting about tunes and sharing 'em.

    Also I like the idea of expanding a little on the Breakcore / Junglecore, Darkside Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep genres just a bit to also include some of the old skool Hardcore Labels from such classics as Bunker , SKAM , Firstcask amd more than i can think of right now. 

    Get in touch.

    Use it or loose it eh? :)


  • Aural-Virus

  • Friday, April 17, 2009

    Mochipet - Master P on Atari

    Artist: Mochipet
    Label: Daly City Records
    Format: CD
    Style: Breakbeat • Dope • Electro • Glitchy • Heavy • IDM • Midtempo • Vocal • Dubstep/Grime
    Bitrate: V0(VBR)
    Date Released: 2009-04-01

    01. Pythagorean Hyphy Proof
    02. Master P on Atari
    03. Turbo Thizz Petnation
    04. Sumo Hertz
    05. Robo Crunk Juice
    06. Mashall Bass Stacks
    07. Complex Players Dub
    08. Ghetto Puddin Pet
    09. It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It
    10. Coleco Crunk Vision
    11. Win With Wang
    12. Full Frontal Face Melt
    13. Honey Badger Breaks
    14. Godzilla New Year

    Rapidshare | Narod

    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    Curses! - The Deep End EP

    Curses! is the second project of Luca Venezia (aka Drop the Lime)
    Released: 2009
    Bitrate: 320 kb/s

    01. Moss Man (Original mix)
    02. The Deep End (Original mix)
    03. The Deep End (Bart B More remix)
    04. The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School dub)
    05. The Deep End (Bart B More dub)

    Narod | Filefactory

    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    Stivs - Busy Cuts

    Label: Life4Land
    Catalog#: L4LCD 003
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: UK
    Released: 2006
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Breakcore, Jungle
    Bitrate: APS(VBR)

    01. Stivs & Pieface - Big Tune
    02. Stivs - Babylon A Fall Rmx
    03. Stivs - Dustbin Men
    04. Stivs - French Army Mans Dem
    05. Stivs - I Ain't Workin No More
    06. Stivs - Drumcore
    07. Stivs , Pieface & Ed Cox - Chatty Chatty
    08. Stivs & Ed Cox - Say My Name Rmx
    09. Stivs - Norfolk Acid
    10. Stivs & Ed Cox - General So Solid + The Cant Keep Me Downs

    Narod | Filefactory

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Cardopusher & Pacheko - ThisTroy

    Label: Mashit
    Year: 2009
    Style: Dubstep
    Bitrate: 320 kb/s

    01. Cardopusher - Homeless (5:39)
    02. Cardopusher - Twins (5:02)
    03. Cardopusher - Lightning Resistor (4:50)
    04. Pacheko - Pasta De Coca (5:02)
    05. Pacheko - Hielo Seco (Remix) (5:20)
    06. Pacheko - Green Bull (5:29)
    07. Pacheko - Green Bull (Remix) (3:47)

    Filefactory | Ifolder

    Monday, February 09, 2009

    Keef Baker - Pen Fifteen

    Label: Hymen Records
    Catalog#: Y771
    Format: 2 x CD, Album
    Country: Germany
    Released: 24 Feb 2009
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: IDM
    Quality: mp3(V0 VBR)

    01. Getting Older (6:38)
    02. Dead End (7:16)
    03. Skellington (6:30)
    04. The East Is Not The Enemy (6:55)
    05. Sailing The Goat Sea (5:40)
    06. Mr Snugglebunny's Happy Paradise Is Slowly Turned Inside Out (6:27)
    07. Big Dick Bricks Covered In Sick (4:40)
    08. Mintymart Overdraft (5:32)
    09. Setekey Sysfuckoffcunt V1 (6:13)
    10. Sheepscar Junction (5:31)
    11. Sugar Daddy For Shemale (5:00)

    01. The Voice Of Light City (5:00)
    02. You've Been Snarpooned (5:00)
    03. The Square (5:00)
    04. Acid Indigestion (5:00)
    05. A Glittering Netto Palace (5:00)
    06. Cake And Black Sheep (5:00)
    07. Shut Up Neil, For Fuck's Sake! (5:00)
    08. The Great Escape (5:00)
    09. Wine Sponge (5:00)
    10. Aeronautics (5:00)
    11. Return To Light City (5:00)
    12. Soul Folding (5:59) | Filefactory

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Milanese - Extend

    Label: Planet Mu
    Catalog#: ZIQ165CD
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: UK
    Released: 25 Sep 2006
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Grime, Abstract, IDM, Breakcore
    Quality: FLAC/Lossless

    01. Mr Bad News (6:07)
    02. Dead Man Walking (3:37)
    03. Caramel Cognac (5:51)
    04. Peggy Flynn III (3:26)
    05. Mr Ion (4:07)
    06. Barry (4:46)
    07. Sight Beyond Sight (6:12)
    08. Boss Eye (1:03)
    09. One Eye (2:35)
    10. Tony Sombrero (2:10) | Filefucktory

    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Doormouse - Hand Hammered

    Label: Distort Records
    Catalog#: Distort 009
    Format: Vinyl, 12"
    Country: US
    Released: Apr 2005
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Hardcore, Breakcore
    Quality: FLAC/Lossless

    A1. Hand Hammered
    A2. Wrasslin' (Remix)
    A3. Doyodamnthing
    B1. Ginoism (Remix)
    B2. Phenomenon
    B3. Cottages Of Shizer

    Narod | Filefactory

    Doormouse - Distort 8

    Label: Distort Records
    Catalog#: Distort 008
    Format: Vinyl, 12"
    Country: US
    Released: Jun 2004
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Hardcore, Breakcore
    Quality: FLAC/Lossless

    A1. Doormouse & Jonsin - Splash (In Your Face) (5:19)
    A2. Doormouse - Traxxx (4:34)
    B1. Doormouse - Vlad (3:30)
    B2. Doormouse - WTGVA Remix (5:09)
    B3. DJ Tard & Big Uncle D - Stallis 3 (1:56)

    Narod | Filefactory