Sunday, June 22, 2008

Its been said b4.... but maybe.....

We will be back very soon

I'll add many borrowed shares for a month or so then will start with a planned shareing of selected 'sets'/groups (once promised long time ago...)

This will basically be a build up toward the winter.

Breakcore & Dubstep both being genres with a smaller following than IDM I at 1st wished to introduce the genres making the music more available and opening access to other artists.

Job done (my VERY LITTLE bit anyway, Shmalfus has been doing his thing here and elsewhere far longer and better I may add :)

Also in case anyone was getting fed up with Aural-Virus sharing 'their' music a break may have been wise.

So with that said hopefully everyone who has visited here has bought the odd vinyl or CD they wouldn't have and with the past 6months+ lack of sharing from myself, Shmalfus kindly brought over already shared stuff from his part of the world, thankfully, this ma have possibly encouraged more.
(Idealist? yep :) )

So with that vlag of an excuse for being lazy its way long enough to get back to blogging/shareing the good sh1t.

Drop in in a couple of weeks if you read this and see what happens.

And PLEASE put in some requests now, if I have i'll add.