Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Squarepusher - Hello Everything (2006)

As i LOVE Squarepusher i'll get this up & in time I will share all his stuff (dont feel guilty, i bought it all :)...

Try for 99% of all covers or

SQUAREPUSHER - Hello Everything

Release - 2006
GENRE - Electronic
LABEL - Warp Records
MODE - VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo

01 Hello meow
02 Theme from sprite
03 Bubble life
04 Planetarium
05 Vacuum garden
06 Circlewave 2
07 Cronecker king
08 Rotate electrolyte
09 Welcome to europe
10 Plotinus
11 The modern bass guitar
12 Orient orange

  • This blog wasn't broke but now it is!, broken right to the core

    I've had a little thought, had a look round the blog sites and seen a gap in a particular style of music i've enjoyed for quite some years, and now I feel exactly how I'd like it to go, A-V is Core, Breakcore, so i'll post a pic, collect up some tunes and get them up asap...

    btw when I say Breakcore I mean the spirit as well, a new angle of Punk including Dub Step, IDM, D'n'B etc is the and Reggae, Old n New Skool Punk, nothings in stone though. Plus there will be videos, books and other stuff & requests if anyone asks! If you can think of it and your here its possible (seeing into the fututre (or editing a post :) ) 'The Core Jedi' or I may have it, we love music so we tag properly & hate less than 192kbps if we find a replacement, 320 is just right..
    RE : vinyl I can rip it ok, I've got the kit & read a book or something :)
    Anyway the blog think of the very 1st post and thats the style of this BLOG from now 'in-it'.