Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ministry of Shit : 2003 Anus

A master peice to start the blog with.
Please note not all posts will be as good/bad/hardcore/mellow as this :)

"Ministry of Shit : 2003 Anus" - Spasticated Records Australia

01. Mark N - I Love Faeces
02. DSP Wanker - Lost In Glottal Stops
03. Knifehandchop & Kevin Blecdom - Superstars
04. Skkatter - Please Take My Head Out Of This Bucket Of Ice
05. Wobbly - Let Me Know
06. Ascdi - Splatisfaction
07. AC/3P - Oi!
08. Girl Talk - Lets Run This
09. Toecutter - Shit On Me
10. Dsico - I R*cked Britney (Moonwalk Style)
11. 7u? - Premature Dementia
12. Manny Phalanxx - Hear Me Roar (Where’s The Cheese)
13. Animal - Liberty Re^x (seXy Sp0t mix)
14. DJ Smallcock - Curse Of The Smallcock
15. Trotters - Ice Ice Bacon

Links below to download each track.... see bottom for info/website.!.mp3

this outofprint CD is listed here

Copy/Paste the http___.mp3 1-15 into your browser then right click or save via the Quicktime player into a folder (Soon i hopefully will understand HTML a little more to make any future posts like this (many links) clickable, 1 url is no problem but 15 inconvenient, though for this album its truely worth it...

A mashup, breakcore fest....