Saturday, July 21, 2007

Milanese - Peggy Flynn-So Malleable Remixes (2006)

Milanese - Peggy Flynn-So Malleable Remixes

remixes of tracks on the Album (already here) "

Milanese - Peggy Flynn Remix / So Malleable Cold Remix
Label: MG77
Catalog#: MG77.4

Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Switzerland
Released: 2006

01. Milanese - Peggy Flynn Remix [06:53]
02. Milanese - So Malleable Cold Remix [05:10]

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    Milanese - Vanilla Monkey (2004)

    Milanese - Vanilla Monkey

    Label: Arcola
    Catalog#: ARC006
    Format: Vinyl, 12"
    Country: UK
    Released: 01 Mar 2004

    Credits: Mastered By - Naweed Ahmed
    Producer, Written-By - Milanese

    A1 - Vanilla Monkey (5:20)
    B1 - Vanilla Monkey (1 Up Mix) (5:56)
    B2 - Vanilla Monkey (Babette Mix) (4:58)

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  • Milanese really 'as got that dirty grimey muddy B@stard of a sound perfected, sooo have 'em all!!

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    Milanese - 1 Up (2004)

    Milanese - 1 Up

    Label: Warp Records
    Catalog#: WAP 175 CD
    Format: CD, Mini-Album
    Country: UK
    Released: 27 Sep 2004

    01 - Billy Hologram (3:53)
    02 - So Malleable (3:43)
    03 - Cowboy (5:37)
    04 - Iacon (6:35)
    05 - Flex (4:27)
    06 - Head Bocs (3:53)

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    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    The AMEN Break & its History (+ Why do Zero-G etc own this "more" than The Winstons?)

    Q/Zero-G? What have they got to do with this??

    A/ They make sample discs/sets, they sell the AMEN break on probably every disc they sell in 1 format or another or not, YET if you use 'their' sample/copy of The Winstons - Amen Brother 'loop' you get sued, So why don't The Winstons get paid royalties on this?
    Find out.... Copyright, what a load of ***beep***

    Video explains "the world's most important 6-sec drum loop" known as the 'Amen' Loop or Break. The most sampled loop in the world and the writers (The Winstons - Amen Brother B side of the 1969 7" grammy winning single 'Colour Him Father' ) oddly haven't (yet?) received a penny from royalty money. NB Sadly the drummer passed away last year (2006).
    Want to know where NWA - Straight Outta Compton's beats came from? sh1t just about everything on this blog haha...

    Not seen it? You realy will like it. 18mins long. 34mbs length. Downloadable from :-

    If you want to download it go to my Spymac storage.(THIS could be the 'answer' ALL along to getting some single tracks up...
    Aural-Virus TV Channel IS going to happen, expect videos and items such as this and some wicked footage of Lee 'scratch' Perry :)

    BTW Don't forget to give it 5 stars. ROFL!!
  • AMEN me Brothers - Go here to D0WNL0AD!!

  • Since this was made the drummer passed away in 2006. R.I.P. and thanks for ALL the music you inspired/made possible!

    Visual Representation at 138 BPM (from Adobe Audition or similar)

    Look at me getting all 'info' ish - Bunker Label NOW the Amen break, Brain surgery follows by me on me. Mirror, hammer, kitchen utils and superglue. easy + behaviour control chip from (pick a film, tv show, comic etc for responsible authority.)
    blah blah baa..
    Great bit of info this, I'm sure MANY have seen this but if not enjoy.

    If you can't download it t i could add it to the same place as the Hexstatic Distorted Minds film (I remembered that this track is on Masters View album, when it came on my iPod in shuffle play... blah blah blah
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  • original photos 'courtesy' of The Artbreaker. Cheers mate, and yep i've seen your track(s) vinyl(s) in mixsets, podcasts alongside the OTHER ;) names in the game... go that man!! brraap brraap big up!! LOL :)
    Notice i say see, I haven't the cash to buy vinyl or the space at the moment. Thank f my Dad has a couple of garages, i'd have to SELL !! boxes of vinyl. Now THAT is criminal not "piracy".


    Rude Ass Tinker - Imperial Break

    Label: Deathchant
    Catalog#: Deathchant 30
    Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
    Country: UK
    Released: 2001
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Hardcore, Techno, Breakcore, Experimental
    Bitate: 192 kb/s

    A - Imperial Break (6:03)
    B - Silk Ties (4:54)

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  • Very rare stuff. I've been lookin' for it for 2 years i guess ))