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Enduser - Comparing Paths (2005)

Enduser - Comparing Paths (2005)

Year: 2005
Label: Mirex
Country: Germany
Style: Breakcore

01 Comparing Paths
02 Fuck Up The System
03 Familiar Taste Of Blood
04 My Shit Eats Tapes
05 Tripset
06 Berlin Dub
07 Devil Tricked The World
08 Gun Temper
09 My Ak
10 Darkness
11 The Return
12 Slammed In The Face...
13 End Of A Beginning
14 Unlisted Vinyl Bonus Track


  • My apologise if the track info here differs to the upload (we are a team and my version is vinyl, unsure of Shmalfus's format :) )

    k Enduser for tonight is my last post, expect much more from them & future posts from these chappies/ettes Sickboy, Knifehandchop, FFF, Dryft, Datach'i, Fanny, Ebola, Drop the Lime, Hecate, Beefcake, Hypnoskull, Mochipet, Line47, Kano, Keef Baker, Mono No Aware, Orphx, Mr Kill, Mash Up Soundsystem, Mad EP, Mr 76ix, Snog, Architect, Doormouse n of course Aaron Spectre/Drumcorps, Rotator (i'm begining to remember more so heres a good place to stop) plus some great Net Label artists (a few blow away the signed/well known competition no worries) plus some great compilations from Hymen, Ad Noiseam, Ant Zen n of course Planet Mu blah blah blah

    For now i'm going to gather covers, info etc for tomorrows or (if i'm busy with my family) sundays post which will be at least 5 (probably 10) posts half & half albums & 12" 'n' 7s of stuff i've been meaning to post for weeks.


    Shitmat - Vengeance of the Whitehawk Townies 7" (2004)

    Shitmat - Vengeance of the Whitehawk Townies 7"

    Label: Death$ucker Records
    Format: 7"
    Country: UK
    Released: 2004

    A - Vengeance Of The Whitehawk Townies (2:23)
    B - That Goat's Skull Is No Good For Thirsty Psy-trance Workers (4:23)

  • Shitmat - Shopliftin' Gabba / Witness 7" (2003)

    Shitmat - Shopliftin' Gabba / Witness 7"

    Label: Planet Mu
    Format: 7"
    Country: UK
    Released: 05 May 2003
    Bitrate: 320 kb\s

    A - Shopliftin' Gabba
    B - Witness

  • Shitmat - Gary's Gruesome Remixes (2006)

    Shitmat - Gary's Gruesome Remixes
    Label: Planet Mu
    Format: 12"
    Country: UK
    Released: 2006
    Bitrate: 320 kb\s

    A1 - Gary's Gruesome Garage (Original '03 Mix)
    A2 - Gary Grew Some Garage (Remix - Chevron)
    B - Gary's Gruesome Grime (Remix - µ-Ziq)

  • Shitmat - Shitmat Reconstructed - The Hardrive Cessation Termination

    Shitmat - Shitmat Reconstructed - The Hardrive Cessation Termination

    01) aol (Full Vocal Mix) - Minimal Impact
    02) Killa Condoms - Multiplex
    03) Complaints (Mouse Glue mix) - Terror Wogan
    04) Disk Defragmenter (Crash mix) - Rashamon
    05) Fig Roller - Hot Roddy
    06) Ketamine Cauliflower (Broccolli dub mix) - the notorious c.h.a.v.
    07) Zodiac Translation War (Mind-drone version) - McCloud
    08) 4 Stepper Shoes (Zero Fetus Shopper mix) - Malevich
    09) Blank Tape (Who da fuk) - Faoi
    10) coоkie - I was once a fig roll
    11) NwotdleM - Never seen Hollyoaks (Remix of my shitemate)


  • Info regarding this release kindly posted by 'Spirit of Gravity'

    Yes its our remixes of unfinished shitmat business.

  • SPIRIT OF GRAVITY web site to order

  • if you like it, buy a copy of us for only a fiver and we'll even let you have a cover.

    There it is, run run & spend : ) - Cover included ;P

    TeeBee - The Legacy (2005)

    TeeBee - The Legacy - [SUBTITLESCD002]

    Artist - TeeBee
    Album - The Legacy
    Catalogue - SUBTITLESCD002
    Source - CD-DA (CDx2)
    Genre - Drum & Bass [NeuroFunk]
    Label - Subtitles
    Rls.Date - 11-Apr-2005

    Disc 1 Unmixed

    01. TeeBee - Forever Lost
    02. TeeBee - Liquid Light
    03. TeeBee - Tsunami
    04. TeeBee (feat. Jadis) - Quiet Moment
    05. TeeBee - Padawan
    06. TeeBee - Sick!
    07. TeeBee - Corpse
    08. TeeBee - The End Of The Journey
    09. TeeBee - Vengeance
    10. TeeBee - Liquid Light (2004 TeeBee & Form Remix)

  • DOWNLOAD --> TeeBee - The Legacy - CD1 part1 DepositFile

  • DOWNLOAD --> TeeBee - The Legacy - CD1 part2 DepositFile

  • Disc 2 - Mixed By TeeBee

    01. TeeBee - Bounce
    02. TeeBee - Warehouse
    03. TeeBee - Life Continue
    04. TeeBee - All I Need
    05. TeeBee - So High
    06. TeeBee - Chapter #1
    07. TeeBee - Human Reptile (2004 TeeBee Remix)
    08. TeeBee - Let Go
    09. TeeBee - Capable
    10. TeeBee - Black Mind
    11. Future Prophecies & TeeBee - Let The Bass Kick
    12. TeeBee - Guilty
    13. TeeBee - Evil Ways
    14. TeeBee - Dynasty Warriors
    15. TeeBee - Into Submission
    16. TeeBee - Padawan
    17. TeeBee - Corpse

  • DOWNLOAD --> TeeBee - The Legacy - CD2 part1 - DepositFile

  • DOWNLOAD --> TeeBee - The Legacy - CD2 part2 - DepositFile

  • Some straight up D'n'B. Nice Qual. High Bit Rate BTW (We TRY not to post anything below 192 - 320kbps mostly.)

    Black Dog Productions - (Bytes) 1993

    Black Dog Productions - (Bytes)

    Genre: Idm
    Label: Warp records
    Year: 1993
    320 kbps
    137 mb


    1 Plaid Object Orient (5:44)
    2 Close Up Over Caz (6:15)
    3 Xeper Carceres Ex Novum (6:42)
    4 Atypic Focus Mel (7:12)
    5 Close Up Over Olivine (4:45)
    6 I.A.O. The Clan (Mongol Hordes) (6:24)
    7 Plaid Yamemm (6:14)
    8 Discordian Popes Fight The Hits (6:20)
    9 Balil Merck (4:33)
    10 Close Up Over Jauqq (5:46)
    11 Balil 3/4 Heart (7:34)



  • K - These last 3 posts were not intended but i found them and it seemed a waste :) not to spread them to you guys.

    This album is 'responsable' for a LOT in the music we hear today. If you have it you know what i mean, if you don't then how the hell are you into ANY kind of IDM related music?

    Just download these past 3 posts and enjoy for thoose more relaxed times.
    K i better get back to something with an Amen involved ....

    Hey how about The Winstons? and the guy dying? RIP that man. Theres a post in the archives of a movie about the whole history, also at 'More Better Than You' you can pick up a rip of the original track, plus the A side. eh in otherwords the 7" :)

    Coldcut & DJ Food vs DJ Krush - Cold Krush Cuts (1996)

    Coldcut & DJ Food vs DJ Krush - Cold Krush Cuts

    Artist: Coldcut & DJ Food vs DJ Krush
    Album: Cold Krush Cuts
    Year: 1996
    Genre: Trip Hop, Downbeat
    Bitrate: cbr 192 kbps
    File size: 171 MB


    Disc: 1
    1. Groover - Funki Porcini
    2. Global Chaos (archi version) - KT & Hex
    3. Sometimes - 2 Player vs. The Herbaliser
    4. The Breaks - Dj Vadim & Mark B
    5. The Real Killer Part 2 (Rooftop Prowler) - The Herbaliser
    6. Get Your Head Down - Luke Vibert
    7. Goodbye Cruel World - London Funk Allstars
    8. Naked Leaves - Coldcut
    9. Spiral - DJ Food
    10. Harmonic - Hex

    Disc: 2
    1. 40 Winks - The Herbaliser
    2. B Boy - DJ Vadim
    3. Headz Still Ain't Ready - DJ Vadim
    4. Aural Prostitution (DJ Cam Remix) - DJ Vadim
    5. Electric Lazyland - 9 Lazy 9
    6. Give It To Me Raw - London Funk Allstars
    7. Broadcasting Live From Planet Blapps - London Funk Allstars
    8. Junkies Bad Trip - London Funk Allstars
    9. Knee Deep In The Beats - London Funk Allstars
    10. Sign - Coldcut


  • A 'borrowed' post that is a MUST share - check the track line up & the 'DJ's involved. yum

    Cabbage Boy - Genetically Modified (1999)

    Cabbage Boy - Genetically Modified

    Artist: Cabbage Boy .
    Title: Genetically Modified
    Year: 1999
    Country: UK
    Label: Ntone
    Style: Abstract, Breaks, Downtempo
    Bitrate: cbr 224 kb/s
    Size: 92 mb

    Real Name: Simon Begg
    Aliases: Bigfoot, Bigfoot Futures Ltd, Buckfunk 3000, Cabbage Head, Dr. Nowhere versus The Maverick DJ, S.I. Futures, Si Begg, Zygmunt Janowski


    01 Departure
    02 Rhythm And Blues Angus Steak House
    03 Hey Hey We're The Monks
    04 Interstellar Love
    05 Vended Food
    06 Talk Show
    07 Planet
    08 Donkey Kong
    09 As the World Rages
    10 I:Cabbage
    11 Bean To This World


  • Since hearing Cabbage Boy on a Ninja Tune compilation i had to check him out waaaaaay back, nice album.

    Doormouse - Your Drugged Future

    Label: Deadly Systems
    Catalog: DS 005
    Format: Vinyl, 12"
    Country: US
    Released: 1998

    A - Taking Drugs
    B1 - 80/160/320
    B2 - Skelechairs

  • Abdullah K vs. Society Suckers - Abdullah K / Society Suckers Split E.P.

    Label: Amex
    Catalog: AMBUSH X02
    Format: Vinyl, 12"
    Country: UK
    Released: Jul 2003
    Bitrate: 320 kb/s

    A - Abdullah K - Trip To The Boom
    B1 - Society Suckers - Trick E
    B2 - Society Suckers - Are You Happy?

  • Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Istari Lasterfahrer - Battybwoy Soundclash Massive (2005)

    Istari Lasterfahrer - Battybwoy Soundclash Massive

    Label: Sozialistischer Plattenbau
    Catalog#: SPB12.004
    Format: 12"
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2005

    A1 Teach Dem
    A2 Living In Concrete
    A3 Attention DSP Bwoy
    B1 To Me Battyman Massive
    B2 About 2 Break
    B3 Post Potential House Music


  • 'Battybwoy' you can guess this is a 'badbwoy' sound... lots of rumbling bass n big up ragga shout outs, its a must and following SumOne is a good spot.

    (gotta be said)

    /A\\V/ info update:
    As said we've done quite a few 12's recently and theres many a full cd to post, I think its time we posted 'em, soon come a net label round up. If you've not checked them then you've missed a lot! if you dismiss them then you'll kick yourself at the quality, dont forget the artists aren't being prompted to make profit so ONLY pure quality occurs with full artistic licence/freedem.

    I can think of at least 20 that deliver the goods in MANY cases better than the larger labels (eg WARP, yes especialy now, WARP has had its day, though Planet Mu is still a force as Tigerbeat 6.

    Monday, October 30, 2006

    SumOne - Mysteries Of A Sacred Universe / Put A Smile On Your Face

    Label: Black Track Records
    Catalog#: BTR01
    Format: 12"
    Country: UK
    Released: 13 Jun 2006
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle


    A - Mysteries Of A Sacred Universe
    B - Put A Smile On Your Face

  • Sumone / 16 Armed Jack - Love So Nice / See You Smile

    Label: JungleXpeditions Records
    Catalog#: JXR02
    Format: 12"
    Country: Canada
    Released: 27 Dec 2004
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Jungle


    A - Sumone - Love So Nice
    B - 16 Armed Jack - See You Smile

  • Bazooka / SumOne & Commando - Untitled

    Label: Aural Carnage
    Catalog#: ACAR 02
    Format: 12"
    Country: Germany
    Released: May 2005
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Drum n Bass, Breakcore


    A - Bazooka - Knowledge & Wisdom
    B - SumOne & Commando - The Flesh Of Fallen Angels

  • Sunday, October 29, 2006

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN - some classic vinyl (1953 - 1970ish)


    C|_|NTZ ! ! ! took me bastard ages to get this posted....


    HERES the Vinyl listing still plus covers if you have just seen this...
    Ghostly Sounds and Horror FX

    Power Records "Ghostly Sounds" (Power Records, 8145, 1974)
    Power Records "Ghostly Sounds: A Haunting Experience" (Power Records, S343, 1974)
    BBC Records - Mike Harding "Sound Effects Vol 21: More Death And Horror" (192 kbps)
    BBC Records - Mike Harding "Sound Effects Vol 13: Death And Horror" (192 kbps)
    Famous Monsters "Famous Monsters Speak!" (192 kbps)
    William Castle "Ghost Story: Thrilling, Chilling Sounds of Fright & the Supernatural" (192 kbps)
    Ghostly Sounds (Gershon Kingsley & Peter Waldron) "Ghostly Sounds" (192 kbps)
    HRB Music "Horror Sounds of Terror - Terror 61 Sounds of Horror" (192 kbps)

    More Covers for below.

    Boris Karloff "Tales of the Frightened Volume 1" (192 kbps)
    Boris Karloff "Tales of the Frightened Volume 2" (192 kbps)
    Troll Records "Scary Spooky Stories" (192 kbps)
    Troll Records "Great Ghost Stories" (192 kbps)
    Vincent Price "A Graveyard of Ghost Tales" (192 kbps)
    Richard Taylor: Terror! (192 kbps)
    Kid Stuff Repertory Company "Mostly Ghostly" (192 kbps)
    Al Zanino "The Vampire Speaks/ In The Vampire's Lair" (192 kbps)
    Wade Denning "Famous Ghost Stories With Scary Sounds" (192 kbps)
    Richard Taylor: Nightmare (192 kbps)
    Sounds of Terror! (192 kbps)
    Johnson Smith Novelty Co. "Horror Record" (1973) (192 kbps)
    MP-TV "Spook Stuff For Hallowe'en" (1960) (192 kbps)
    Sounds To Make You Shiver! "Sounds To Make You Shiver! Bloodcurdling! Terror! Horror!" (192 kbps)
    Halloween Sound Effects - Jane Gipps and Ralph Harding "Music And Effects Of A Terrifying Nature" (192 kbps)
    Ghost Stories "2 Complete Halloween Ghost Stories" (192 kbps)
    Kraft "A Spooky Sounding Halloween Story" (192 kbps)
    Vincent Price "Tales Of Witches, Ghosts, And Goblins" (192 kbps)
    Vincent Price "A Coven Of Witches' Tales" (96/192 kbps)
    Vincent Price "A Hornbook For Witches" (192 kbps)
    Covers for last 8 above. Each download includes covers.

    Format: MP3
    For sampling (there best use, & NOT the Sond EFX albums :) the dialouge is pretty cool :) Use a any Sample Editor to chop up and clean up the MP3 samples though the vinyl crackle etc in my opinion is part of the charm. Obviosly once edited you can then save in any format you wish to work in.

    All credit to the original poster who uploaded this on another website, his name is JASON <--- wanker who pulled them i guess :) haha

    Wiiliam S. Burroughs - Junky (written as William Lee

    William Lee - JUNKY

    Wiliiam S. Burroughs

    I'm a great Burroughs fan so i thought i'd share 1 of my favourite books he wrote his audio format, its more accessable than say Naked Lunch and a great insight into Heroin Addiction in America just before the Beat Generation (a better era than the 'Hippy' era in my opinion) & before drugs became a fashion.

    So heres something to follow the last post which has a little bit of Burroughs involvement.

    Download it and see if you can NOT become a fan of Americas literay Genius of the last century. I'll be posting more and theres a test at the end of each month :))


  • This is 1 of the occasional posts that i'll be doing unrelated to the musical ditrection of this blog, eventually the other blog i have started but done very! little to (Aural Virus (no "-" in the address ) will become the sister blog for 'Head Food'.
    Including Many books from beat writers to religious & scientific, artist- Escher, Alex Grey etc (spiritual or at least mind expanding rather than trad artists) , Shamanism & other drug related experiences of influential nature upon society and the world, conspiracies theorys from 911 (not much as much has been done though i have a lot of films of which 1 will certainly make a blind man see!) also people such as Tesla to the usual Masonic, NWO areas etc etc & MUCH more its work in progress, many books, films & documentarys will be on that blog, i have them now, i'm too busy to contribute to 2 blogs but if there is anything you are interested in or have been after ask away, from Robert Anton Wilson to the Illumanati to Buddhism.. my interests are broad on this subject so i'm still trying to keep the direction of the blog straight. It may just include influential people & there work & Shamanism showing how most religions roots are from such practices.

    WTF Enjoy the book :)

    Request for dnk : Material - Seven Souls (1997)

    Material - Seven Souls

    Label - Triloka Records
    Catalog#: 314 534 905-2
    Format - CD
    Country - US
    Released -1997
    Genre - Electronic, Experiemental Funk, Jazz, Punk, Alternative... eh & dish cloth etc :)
    ripped at 320 kbps

    01 - The Western Land (A Dangerous Road Mix) (8:31)
    02 - Seven Souls (Tim Simenon Mix) (7:06) Remix - Tim Simenon
    03 - Soul Killer (Remote Control Mix) (8:15) Remix - Remote Control
    04 - Ineffect (7:32)
    05 - Seven Souls (5:44)
    06 - Soul Killer (4:32)
    07 - The Western Lands (6:16)
    08 - Deliver (5:50)
    09 - Equation (5:06)
    10 - The End Of Words (4:11)


  • I had to obtain info from as nothing was included except for the artwork, i think. The 2 cover artwork pics (front & back) that are here are printable size.
    Artwork inc inside CD Artwork here -

  • Some pointless info. There are 4 tracks (1,2,5 & 7) which include Will Burroughs reading from the Egyptian book of the Dead on Seven Souls & Remix + reading from The Westerlands on the track of the same name. The Seven Souls track was featured on The Sopranos, 1st episode of the 6th Series :) (this is why i have this album - Anything including W. S. Burroughs if its available i probably have it including his friends from Kerouak, Ginsberg etc)
    The album itself is a mixture of styles, some funky bass from Bill Laswell in the above mentioned tracks the rest ranges from organic ethnic style to electronic and funky. Personally i prefer the tracks 1,2,5 & 7 - very funky & Burroughs is on it whose gravely voice works well with the smooth slow funk bass guitar.

    dnk - If you want more np - i can find it just ask..