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Kid Koala - Your Mom's Favorite DJ (2006)

Artist: Kid Koala
Album: Your Mom's Favorite DJ
Release Date: 2006
Label: Ninja Tune
Cat No : ZEN127
Size: 43 MB

btw HOW the F! does a record cd or vinyl have a LEFT & RIGHT side? - i guess its a 'clever' thing?? Anyway just came across this so had to share it!! :)

Left Side

1. Start Heeeere's Koala!
2. Stoppin' Traffic
3. Tracks etc.
4. Slew Test 1/Luch With Pavlov
5. Robo-coоkie Factory
6. Things'll Be Good Again
7. Dinner at 1:00 AM
8. Party at Eric's!

Right Side

1. Slew Test 2
2. Gimme a K!
3. Mosquito vs. Waterbuffalo
4. Slew Test 3 Part A, B, and C
5. Paper Route Days
6. Nufonia Noise Consultation Committee/The Denouement
7. Mosquito Blues v. 1 (Bonus Track)


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    ps Although 8 & 7 tracks listed there are 2 mp3 files (Side A & B of the 12") in a typical turntabalist style of snippets of radio & oddments with cuts n breaks etc, classic Koala - just good ole funky scratchy goodness. Also inc in the D'ld is a VERY high quality scan of the cover, odd as you can see the artwork is hardly Escher or Alex Grey.... Alex Grey? look at this then :)

    Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same (2005)

    Year: 2005
    Label: Planet Mu
    Country: UK
    Format: CD
    Style: IDM / Breakcore
    Quality: VBR

    01 Swimmin' Lessons (4:13)
    02 Running Out Of Time (5:13)
    03 Cyberia (2:57)
    04 London (2:25)
    05 Optic Realisation (4:10)
    06 Bathyscaphe (3:28)
    07 Rudi The Techno Pioneer (3:15)
    08 Kingdom (3:36)
    09 Power Of Eternia (3:53)
    10 Polyphonic Ringtone (3:30)
    11 I Remember (3:38)
    12 Going Out Of My Head (4:36)
    13 Dutty Goes To Blockbusters (3:41)

    Password: scumdrum

  • Sacred Symbols Of Mu 2CD (2006)

    V/A - Sacred Symbols Of Mu
    Year: 2006
    Label: Planet Mu
    Country: UK
    Format: 2CD
    Style: Various
    Quality: VBR

    1-01 Dykehouse - The Unbearable Phatness Of Being (3:45)
    1-02 Shitmat - That Track (4:53)
    1-03 Tom Burbank - Gnats (4:02)
    1-04 Venetian Snares - Chinaski R.I.P. (3:45)
    1-05 Leafcutter John - Lesson (5:55)
    1-06 Virus Syndicate - Neva (3:13)
    1-07 Luke Vibert - Clikilik (5:19)
    1-08 Daedelus - Dumbfound (edIT Remix) (5:00)
    1-09 Pinch - Punisher (4:21)
    1-10 Breakage - The 9th Hand (7:07)
    1-11 DJ Distance - Traffic (5:22)
    1-12 0=0 - More Than Anything (4:43)

    Disc 2

    2-01 Vex'd - 3rd Choice (6:23)
    2-02 µ-Ziq - Wergle The Proud (4:00)
    2-03 Jega - Aerodynamic (4:23)
    2-04 The Gasman - Trampoline 4 (5:15)
    2-05 Soundmurderer & SK-1 - Toronto V.I.P. (7:21)
    2-06 Boxcutter - Chiral (6:08)
    2-07 Chevron - Luton Airport Parkway (5:03)
    2-08 Equinox - Acid Rain V.I.P. (Breakage Final Chapter Mix) (9:05)
    2-09 Milanese - Cognac (6:10)
    2-10 Last Step - Lives With Angel (4:01)
    2-11 Julian Fane - Joyce Lang (4:26)
    2-12 Mileece - Tau (7:12)


  • Password: scumdrum

    INFO on this share (re some included artists introducing a bit of breakcore + a good old 'piracy' rant & AV's hourly breakcore forecast :)

    This 'share' is a half & half intro into Breakcore with Venetain Snares being well known and without using 20 different tags he creates his style of Breakcore, Shitmat true breakcore, as Soundmurderer, The Gasman & Chevron then theres the more dubby Boxcutter (which i have to say is bloody excellent) also i have an early Dykehouse which i will post for its rariety value, its good as well as Paradinas (Planet Mu) rereleased it, if liked i do have a recent 12" (btw 12" will be placed on share sites that DO NOT have an hour wait per download i know we all should buy the records blah blah but taping music never killed it nor will mp3's, the positive effect hopefully might/will cut out the large money grabbing record companies & give the earnt cash to the artists instead by lowering the cost,(removing them & their profit) I know if 12"s were £2 instead of £5+ & CD's £4-£5 i'd buy more, 7" used to cost 79p-99p with corporated involved prices of vinyl are only high because of the larger companies i could go MORE into it but your brain works of course...& we all know a blank cd is about 30p so £12-£15? Fuck Off!!) rant over :)
    so... also the great sounding Daedeleus and others but I wish to stear toward breakcore so i'll be sharing the related artists.

    I'll will in time post albums I have of the artists on this compilation (Luke Vibert, Leafcutter John, Jega, Vex'd but with Venetian Snares & U(µ) Ziq there's many to choose from, if you have a request... ask away... though certain V Snares collabs will go up anyway, but owning 25+ and having nearly as many live sets its still best in the requests alongside many other bigger names - Squarepusher, Autechre, AFX, Vibert/Wagon Christ/Amen Andrews + & many Drum 'n' Bass artists ps I'm not 1 to collect the realy obvious artists eg Peshay though i have certain 12"s of interest or GLR releases (Points in Time 1-9 for eg.)

    Yep its Rapid$hare, we all hate them, (i assume) except they are fast. When this IS pulled i'll re-post it with iFolder, Deposit Files or similar all be it they are a little slower (well in some cases upto an 1/8th) iFolder holds your file indeffinately, rarely (if ever) removes files & they aren't rapidsh4re. For more info please read the iFolder post for non Russian speaking users, i found it useful (it opened up 100's of 'files' that were innaccessable to me)

    k i can hear the snoring... i'll post Boxcutter, Chevron, Dykehouse & another Planet Mu of Pest (i've not heard it yet, just got it, if its kak (Future Music rated it highly) i will add ??

    Peace Off

    Videos, Artists Biog Docs, Label Docs & Genres Documentarys

    I have lots of videos & a number of Label, Artist interviews & Documentarys + films on genres (+ other musical oddments) If you have a request ask away, its no problem to get them posted and if you like I could even mail them for free (if it dosen't cost me too much :) )

    I also pretend I make music/engineer so if you have any requests on books or tutorials on certain applications or techniques (many i have found very useful for extra refrence for studing (i'm an 'adult' student) PLEASE pop up a request or email me (view my profile, i think you can email me that way) or just add a request in ANY comment area as its emailed to me also, eventually i'll work a way to get a chat thing in the side bar. IF :) anyone would like to spend a little of their time helping me do this i'd be very appreciative.

    Adding a header logo is also a 'desire' If you want a book on HTML or The Idiots Guide to Blogging i have them and on many other subjects.

    Basically if you want& i have i'll get it to you, i'll post (for e.g.) The encylopedia of Buddhism or O'Reiley's / The Idiots Guide to ? etc that are not specifically related to this blog in my slowly growing cobwebs other blog (meant for "Cerebral Expression" ;) (I have collected so much for that blog seems a shame not to add it.... must dedicate sometime to each blog daily..... k time for (have i mentioned it only 20 times? BREAKCORE?)


    I forgot, if you have a blog site i would be more than happy to add it to the huge list on the side bar (a little tip on how to add it & record labels etc plus divide each list with a header would be great, i'm sure i'll have sussed it (read how to :P ) by the time any wants to be remotely affiliated with this blog (violins) but please ask away, especially blogs with different music to the theme here, punk, reggae, tech house (sorry to trance fans re the 'No Cover' pic, trance especially Goa is not my favourite, i know 100% if i was on Goa beach i'd be moving my feet its just not on my iPod, eh i mean my mp3 player :) where was i? boring you.. so if you ask kindly, like 'put my blog on your blog asshole' i'm all up for helping if poss. if you wanna list me plz let me know so i can boast & pretend that i'm in a huge blog network, btw is it easy to find this blogsite? is there ways of making it easier? - i signed up with technorati and have left this with blogger as available 'to search' or something but i'd like to remove that and mainly be found via google (and in time blog to blog)

    ANY hints n tips are good.

    k enough writing... picture time...

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    the AMEN break

    I'm sure many have seen this but if you wish to 'have' it, heres a link.

    Describing the origins, phenomenon and more of the 'Amen Break'

    Visually boring as hell but if you like D'n'B you're no soldier without seeing this..

    The raw link:-


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  • Dieselboy - The Dungeonmaster's Guide (2005) for release info, i'm too lazy to type, i'm sorting the breakcore posts... theres gonna be lots but as said i want to post some favourites 1st before we get down n grimy...

    ANOTHER classic 'film score' style Drum 'n' Bass masterpeice from D Boy...

    CD 1
    1. Dieselboy - Prologue
    2. Cartridge - End Of The World
    3. Break - Accelerate
    4. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Soul On Fire (Concord Dawn Remix)
    5. Basic Operations - White
    6. Tech Itch - The Hand (Dungeonmaster Exclusive)
    7. Raiden - Infection (E-Sassin Remix)
    8. Sasha - Immortal (Kaos + Karl K Remix)
    9. Wink - Evil Acid (Gridlok Remix)
    10. Teebee + Calyx - Follow The Leader
    11. BT - Knowledge Of Self (Evol Intent Remix)
    12. Dub Faction - Flightpath
    13. Usual Suspects - Doorway (Gridlok + Echo Remix)
    14. Dom + Kemal - Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy + Kaos + Karl K Remix)
    15. Tiesto - Flight 643 (Paul B + Subwave Remix)
    16. Concord Dawn - Take Me Away (Ill Skillz Remix)
    17. Decorum - Contrax (Weapon Remix)
    18. Dumonde - Human (Ill Skillz Remix)

    CD 2
    1. Dieselboy – Adventure Unfold
    2. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Moonraker (Gridlok Remix)
    3. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Houston (KC Remix)
    4. Stratus - You Must Follow (Evol Intent VIP)
    5. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Xanadu (Stratus Remix)
    6. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Studio 54 (Basic Operations Remix)


  • Krust - Hidden Knowledge [2005]

    Original Release Date: October 4, 2005
    Number of Discs: 2
    Label: Full Cycle

    Disc: 1
    1. Internal Dialogue
    2. Belief System
    3. Choose Consciousness
    4. How to Mutate
    5. Human Awareness
    6. Mystery School
    7. Initiation
    8. Rhodes Less Travelled
    9. New Humans

    Disc: 2
    1. Jazz Note
    2. Guess
    3. Memories
    4. Maintain
    5. Last Day
    6. Soul in Motion
    7. Warhead
    8. Kloakin' Device

    Unsure of the country of origin as I have a number of these tracks spanning 3 cd releases but its worth having just for 'Cloakin' Device' (Kloakin' ?) the rest are class A bonuses...


    for non Russian speaking users of this great share site (Allows any size, no time limit, ISN'T Rapid$hare)

    Found this and it opened up a LOT of shares i thought we're either pulled or only accessable by russian proxies...


    How to download from iFolder:
    - click the link
    - enter the number
    - click the "" link
    - in the little text, there is one word you can click, click it
    - click one of the website links listed over there
    - wait 30seconds (you can see counter at top of the page)
    - click the link that appears
    - again enter a code
    - download the piece of shit


    Pass it on.....

    Dj Shadow & Cut Chemist - Brainfreeze Breaks (2003)

    As I've said I want to cover Breakcore, Drill'n'Bass, Dub Step, IDM styles but that dosen't mean I won't cover other genres... so here's 2 albums I 'likes' just a bit :)


    Artist: Dj Shadow & Cut Chemist
    Title: Brainfreeze Breaks
    Year: 2003
    Label: 7 Inch
    Style: Breakbeat, Breaks, Cut-up/DJ
    Bitrate: cbr 192 kb/s
    Size: 102 mb

    Various Artists - "Brainfreeze Breaks"

    Tracklisting :

    01.Fried Chicken "funky dj"
    02.Salt "hung up"
    03.Mack Rice "three people in love"
    04.Eddie Bo "from this day on"
    05.Odetta "hit or miss"
    06.Rueben Bell "superjock"
    07.The Nu People "I'd be nowhere without you"
    08.Tony Alvon & The Belairs "sexy coffe pot"
    09.The Singing Principal "women's liberation"
    10.The Soul Lifters "hot, funky, and sweaty"
    11.Giorgio "tears"
    12.Gary Byrd "soul travelin' pt. 1 (the G.B.E.)"
    13.Wilbur Bascomb and The Zodiac "just a groove in "g'"
    14.Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham "lover & a friend"
    15.The Mystic Moods "cosmic sea"
    16.7-Eleven "dance the slurp"
    17.Alvin Cash "keep on dancing"
    18.Thunder & Lightning "bumpin' bus stop"
    19.Sugar Billy Garner "I got some"
    20.Lou Courtney "hey joyce"
    21.Simtec & Wylie "bootleggin"
    22.Pearly Queen "quit jivin"
    23.Original Soul Senders "soul brother testify"
    24.The Vibrettes "humpty dump"
    25.Third Guitar "baby don't cry"
    26.Pleasure Web "music man"

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