Friday, September 22, 2006

Kid Koala - Your Mom's Favorite DJ (2006)

Artist: Kid Koala
Album: Your Mom's Favorite DJ
Release Date: 2006
Label: Ninja Tune
Cat No : ZEN127
Size: 43 MB

btw HOW the F! does a record cd or vinyl have a LEFT & RIGHT side? - i guess its a 'clever' thing?? Anyway just came across this so had to share it!! :)

Left Side

1. Start Heeeere's Koala!
2. Stoppin' Traffic
3. Tracks etc.
4. Slew Test 1/Luch With Pavlov
5. Robo-coŠ¾kie Factory
6. Things'll Be Good Again
7. Dinner at 1:00 AM
8. Party at Eric's!

Right Side

1. Slew Test 2
2. Gimme a K!
3. Mosquito vs. Waterbuffalo
4. Slew Test 3 Part A, B, and C
5. Paper Route Days
6. Nufonia Noise Consultation Committee/The Denouement
7. Mosquito Blues v. 1 (Bonus Track)


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  • This is RAPIDShit if you want to wait an hour etc....

    ps Although 8 & 7 tracks listed there are 2 mp3 files (Side A & B of the 12") in a typical turntabalist style of snippets of radio & oddments with cuts n breaks etc, classic Koala - just good ole funky scratchy goodness. Also inc in the D'ld is a VERY high quality scan of the cover, odd as you can see the artwork is hardly Escher or Alex Grey.... Alex Grey? look at this then :)


    Anonymous said...

    Alex Grey!!! Real great artist. I like his works very much. As much as Salvador Dali

    Turk said...

    Hi Man :) - Escher , Grey then Dali are my top 3... i do like Monet for his technique (short sighted so best viewing his work 10 metres away :) )

    Also i love the work Alex Grey has done with TOOL.

    His web site has realy expanded as well, great video footage almost all his artwork on line now +... Cool :)

    Anonymous said...

    Escher is real lord of stairs )))