Friday, September 22, 2006

Videos, Artists Biog Docs, Label Docs & Genres Documentarys

I have lots of videos & a number of Label, Artist interviews & Documentarys + films on genres (+ other musical oddments) If you have a request ask away, its no problem to get them posted and if you like I could even mail them for free (if it dosen't cost me too much :) )

I also pretend I make music/engineer so if you have any requests on books or tutorials on certain applications or techniques (many i have found very useful for extra refrence for studing (i'm an 'adult' student) PLEASE pop up a request or email me (view my profile, i think you can email me that way) or just add a request in ANY comment area as its emailed to me also, eventually i'll work a way to get a chat thing in the side bar. IF :) anyone would like to spend a little of their time helping me do this i'd be very appreciative.

Adding a header logo is also a 'desire' If you want a book on HTML or The Idiots Guide to Blogging i have them and on many other subjects.

Basically if you want& i have i'll get it to you, i'll post (for e.g.) The encylopedia of Buddhism or O'Reiley's / The Idiots Guide to ? etc that are not specifically related to this blog in my slowly growing cobwebs other blog (meant for "Cerebral Expression" ;) (I have collected so much for that blog seems a shame not to add it.... must dedicate sometime to each blog daily..... k time for (have i mentioned it only 20 times? BREAKCORE?)


I forgot, if you have a blog site i would be more than happy to add it to the huge list on the side bar (a little tip on how to add it & record labels etc plus divide each list with a header would be great, i'm sure i'll have sussed it (read how to :P ) by the time any wants to be remotely affiliated with this blog (violins) but please ask away, especially blogs with different music to the theme here, punk, reggae, tech house (sorry to trance fans re the 'No Cover' pic, trance especially Goa is not my favourite, i know 100% if i was on Goa beach i'd be moving my feet its just not on my iPod, eh i mean my mp3 player :) where was i? boring you.. so if you ask kindly, like 'put my blog on your blog asshole' i'm all up for helping if poss. if you wanna list me plz let me know so i can boast & pretend that i'm in a huge blog network, btw is it easy to find this blogsite? is there ways of making it easier? - i signed up with technorati and have left this with blogger as available 'to search' or something but i'd like to remove that and mainly be found via google (and in time blog to blog)

ANY hints n tips are good.

k enough writing... picture time...

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