Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We Are Back
  • Aural-Virus

    Wish I could say I'd been travelling, shit even being in prison for growing greenhouses full of w33d would be better.. but to be honest i've been busy aka actually lazy as f.

    Oh i did lose everything to do with A-V when my older iMac died on me (i used it for all basic net stuff - email, downloading and blogging), little things like the password, about 200+ things ready to post not including what WAS intended for the REBIRTH ie articles i'd written about many of the great net labels, shares of videos, documentaries and more :| etc etc.

    Luckily i did throw it away, and since found all that is wrong with it is a PRAM battery - basically a cut in half AA sized Lithium Battery - Typically i can't just buy it off the shelf.

    If anyone has a spare 1/2 AA 3.6 Volt Lithium Battery (TADIRAN TL-2150 is the particular battery though durac3ll proly make 1 just not easy to find except on the net) i'll happily except it :D

    seriously.. now i have access to the email (i had 4 emails related to AV and couldn't remember any of the passwords or which was linked directly to this blogthis site.) i can also get emails again, please get in touch !! battery or not - requests welcome and i'de love to help premote some tunes, events or anything related to the music of this site or suggestion of what SHOULD be linked here.

    nuff rattleing on, i'll get my shit together and hope to bring some new, old or missed tunes to your table (turntables would be good, guess it will have to be Virtual Wheels of steel (traktor, serato, etc etc).