Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Squarepusher - Hello Everything (2006)

As i LOVE Squarepusher i'll get this up & in time I will share all his stuff (dont feel guilty, i bought it all :)...

Try for 99% of all covers or

SQUAREPUSHER - Hello Everything

Release - 2006
GENRE - Electronic
LABEL - Warp Records
MODE - VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo

01 Hello meow
02 Theme from sprite
03 Bubble life
04 Planetarium
05 Vacuum garden
06 Circlewave 2
07 Cronecker king
08 Rotate electrolyte
09 Welcome to europe
10 Plotinus
11 The modern bass guitar
12 Orient orange


    Anonymous said...

    (clearly I am retarded, as I commented on the wrong post... but I'd still appreciate some help)

    maybe I'm just retarded, but I can't get either of the links to work...

    I'm a huge squarepusher fan, and I'd really like to get a chance to listen to this CD before I buy it...

    Turk said...

    I'll re-post it - if theres anything you are after ask away, i've been lazy so expect some :) stuff asap. peace

    Turk said...

    Heres a quick addition of a new share site - the EXCELLENT iFOLDER

    It may need explaining, which i'll add below the link.


    How to download from iFolder:
    - click the link
    - enter the number
    - click the "" link
    - in the little text, there is one word you can click, click it
    - click one of the website links listed over there
    - wait 30seconds (you can see counter at top of the page)
    - click the link that appears
    - again enter a code
    - download the piece of shit


    50/50 the above is not required.