Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rotator (x2)

Rotator - Dissident sound maniac part 1.0 (2005)

A1 - Mutanoid Soundbwoy
A2 - Don't Sleep Ghostly !!!
B1 - Big Booty
B2 - Fight Back


  • Rotator - Help Me Keep Up Destruktion (2006)

    A1 - Distorted species
    A2 - Meloko Dolomo
    B1 - Labba Labba
    B2 - Help Me To Keep Up Destruktion
    B3 - Chicken Boogie


  • 2 of MANY to come, a BIG thank you to Shmalfus for his efforts. :)

    Peace bro.


    shmalfus said...

    You're welcome mate. Rotator is god. Everyone must check out this tunes. Turk, did i upload "Devil inside" album of Rotator? If not i'm gonna post it here. It's fuckin' great!!!

    Turk said...

    i thought i'd make your 1st post Rotator, we'll your 1st share.. oh shit you know what i mean... :))

    Turk said...

    oh BOLLOCKS - friggin Rapidshare, we 'stock piled' 1st with rapidshare, (hence lots of posting now) but then quickly over to iFolder cos they dont pull if theres no activity..

    Will be up asap plus an album.

    unless i posted an old link... looking :)

    Turk said...

    k MUST get Rotator reposted, sorry peeps - btw when requesting a repost please say here who it is as i get an email often say 'please repost this' but ... well guess :) i dont know who to repost unless i look through EVERY comment which generally ='s not finding it... i will re post but please tell me who n what, also request stuff or say somethings sh!t, we can't please everyone and i like to know who comes n drops by, there will be a specific email to contact us both on asap, making it now.