Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Flashbulb - Flexing Habitual (2006)

Artist: The Flashbulb
Title: Flexing Habitual
Label: Sublight Records
Genre: Breakcore
Release Date: Sep-28-2006

The Flashbulb turns out a 10 track album of the best breakcore tracks he has ever produced, trading up the soft organic palette of his last release Reunion for blinding Amen attacks, hard digital arrangements and tons of interwoven melodies. Time-stretched and mutilated beats have never sounded better blended with Benn Jordan's amazing ability for song writing. Seriously enjoyable stuff for 2006 from The Flashbulb.

01. Ninedump
02. Stretch Industry
03. Chik Habit
04. Please Don't Remember
05. Amen Iraq
06. Six Acid Strings
07. Bash
08. Birthday Colour
09. Lucid Bass III
10. Lawn Wake XI

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