Saturday, October 21, 2006

General Malice - The Final Takeover (2006)

General Malice - The Final Takeover

sorry trance fans - just breakcoreing balls :P

Artist - General Malice
Album - Final Takeover
Catalogue - N2O057CD
Source - CD
Genre - Ragga-Jungle, Jungle
Label - Nitrous Oxide
Rls.Date - ??-June-2006
Format - m4a, 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz
Size - 35 MB**

01.Original Dun Dunna Intro
02.Mad Skillz & Stars
03.Sword Sharpening
04.The Stopper
05.King Sounds
06.N2O Never Falsify
07.Kill Em' All
08.Club Shakin'
09.Beat You at Your Own Game
11.Junglist Girls Cry
12.Too Much Babblin'


  • (As you know about m4a etc.. being at 128 thats max quality so dont sweat the size. any higher and 'sardine' compression fucks up...
    Its about removing as much of the sound as possible we cant hear, ie tricking our senses. i dont like it myself, some people can hear freqs that others cant etc..excluding chemical auditory enhancement, mp3 is bad enough but ok at 256. in fact i'll post some bullshit about compression & moores law.)

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