Wednesday, June 13, 2007

PsychoFreud & Sunjammer - Murda Dem

Label: Bass Rejects
Catalog#: REJECT001
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Norway
Released: 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ragga-Jungle
Bitrate: VBR



    Turk said...

    Nice nice

    sweet tunes :)

    Turk said...

    btw I am gonna make a 'blank' cover with Aural-Virus on it saying 'Cover not Available', basically a picture of a CD & 1 of a Vinyl I'll try n make it tonight with my superb Phot0shop skillz :)

    AND I'm gonna open another Blog on a different service JUST in case this gets pulled by google, so basically we can go from 1 to another without Any problems, I have every post now emailed to me so I will always have a copy.

    bummer you don't recedive peoples comments via email, 1 reason I was thinking of changing to multiply or wordpress. I'll see if there is a way to add another email to who receives the comments (noticed I removed the 'link back' thing at the btm of each post, that was how that other place is phishing all the posts from blogs, they have enough other blogs to keep them stocked, I just didn't want them bringing us down when they get reported, which they will of course cos they are sharing everything, movies, tv, apps, music, games etc so best we aren't on there... just removing that link back option took ALL our posts off their site.
    So cool, no need to add passwords or put the links in comments etc :)

    k nuff talk. L8rs.


    oh yeah do you want to take turns in 'creating' a 10 'items-mixes/tracks' long iPod set list?

    If so all you got to do is click the bottom of the iPod, join, then find mixsets (like at Aaron Spectres site) copy the link & post it in the selected players 'listing' at 'myflashfetish' name the related mix/URL - once you have loaded it with 10 hit 'ADD TO plAYLIST' (or player) then copy the code it creates, email me the code n I add it to the html code of the site, we could probably have 2 iPods or more but it would RWALY slow the site down..

    Anyway up to you... also you can use Z-share and upload your own sets but its easier to find them, as long as the URL has .mp3 at the end it can be used...