Sunday, June 10, 2007

Puzzleweasel - Exo-Grid (2007)

(This is (maybe) the best cover shot I could find so grab it from here)

Puzzleweasel - Exo-Grid (2007)
Releasd - 30th May 2007
STYLE - Glitch, Breakcore, Experimental

Label- Sublight Records
Cat No - SLR3501

Listen to a full track on our myspace page @

Puzzleweasel is 22-year-old Peter Dahlgren (from Denmark).

Puzzleweasel fuse breakcore and all things experimental, music that falls somewhere between Richard Devine and Otto Von Schirach, (I MUST post all the stuff of his btw!) with an unabashed love of throbbing jungle basslines and futuresque electronic wizardry.
Even though Exo-Grid is Puzzleweasel's debut full length album he has enjoyed the success of smaller releases on awesome labels like Tigerbeat6 and Violent Turd.

I've not heard of this guy, well 3 releases that didn't get heavily pushed I'm not suprised... anyway I'm glad I have heard his stuff now.

Hopefully You'll enjoy this 1

01 Cvon
02 Shrtwv Lkage
04 Acancia
05 Deslxtiks
06 Techk
07 Ecct
08 Hackspett
09 Lakse Farvet Pyjamas
10 Fst-Fuk-Ledr-Sofa

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