Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Acrnym - Flowers (2007)

Acrnym - Flowers
Label - Sublight Records
Catalog# - SLR3401
Format - CD, Album
Country - Canada (yeah but they are from Scotland)
Released - 29 May 2007

Style: Glitch, Breakcore
It totally is Glitchy Breakcore, its almost a new development of the genre... well it is :) and its friggin great. I know you've heard this 1, PLEASE buy it, we need more from these guys, I couldn't even get a cover scan! They are too good to only make 1 full cd n then be put aside for Snares to release another friggin album (unless he actually makes something new sounding.)
01 - Kate Says Aye (2:59)
02 - Megastation Mod ENV (3:46)
03 - Repeat (4:15)
04 - Bargain Hunt (3:36)
05 - WRXZWRXZWRXZ (2:00)
06 - Lava Lump (2:43)
07 - A 1980's Fetisch (2:28)
08 - Of Corset Horse (4:33)
09 - Outbox (2:46)
10 - Knife (5:05)
11 - Cuddle (2:13)
12 - Three (2:46)
13 - Pie (6:16)
I friggin LOVE this album, its not too much (like an Aaron Spectre guiatar solo, but just enough and a bit more :)

(hey check me with the reviews!

Here's what Boomkat net record shop said about the last 12 :- ACRNYM - Bone Structure

The debut vinyl release from Scottish producer Acrnym and, jeez, its an abrasive one. Chopped amen madness lavished with synth stabs straight from 1992 are the order of the day - you know this is gonna go down nice and tast tasty on a grassy festival dancefloor, so grab this with both hands, stick it on yer plate and turn it up - Evil sh*t! so BUY it - ACRNYM - Bone Structure, DEATHSUCKER 12" // £6.99

More info (i like these eh? :) )
Discovered by Bong-Ra for his Kriss record label, 20 year old Glasgow, Scotland artist Calum Gunn makes music under the moniker Acrnym, his debut album "Flowers" is 13 killer tracks tethering spastic rhythms and malfunctioning breaks with spellbinding melodic instrumentation.
"Flowers" shows off some awesome technical exercises in speedy BPMs with a buzz-storm of frenetic break episodes and blazing synth lines. Think Venetian Snares
meets Wisp i.e., Amazing breakcore with actual melodies.
n very true, but think fuck off Snares and think Acrnym are better :)

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    Turk said...

    PA$$ - mp3db

    rapidshare - http://rapidshare.com/files/34341721/Acrnym.rar.html
    uploading - http://www.uploading.com/files/7DI5OX9N/Acrnym.rar.html
    megaupload - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GDF2VTWG
    depositfiles - http://depositfiles.com/files/937202

    Anonymous said...

    albeit an enjoyable album, this dude BLATANTLY ripped off Venetian Snares and several other artists (of which he admitted to them he "accidentally" made a cover song of theirs)

    Listen to "Gigantic Alien Force..." by Snares then listen to "Pie" by Acrynm.

    In a genre called "Intelligent Dance Music," this guy isn't too smart.

    Turk said...


    Someone has bothered to comment YES YES YES ! ! !

    Great point, and facts to back up (cool cos I did lay into Funk as well - nicely spotted :))

    The root 'cause' that gave birth to Breakcore - anti-music making, despise of the IDM stagnation and don't get my wrong I Love IDM but I can type IDM into iTunes and not tell if I'm listening to B.o.C or Some band from Schematic or Bola there are so many... and that is what's happening in Breakcore it is becoming formulaic - Do we make a raggacore style tune? or just goe hyper on the Drill snares? so this is why I bigged this up, it decided to take from a sound it was 'born against' (great Punk band)
    And 100% it sounds like Snares, again that's my reason for adding some Dubstep & sh1t even Lonnie Liston Smith I want to hear the next development.

    When I heard Snares.. 5 years ago along with an already well established (µZiq) Paradinas, Ceephax Acid Crew, Squarepusher et el, Breakcore then tagged Drill 'n' Bass, I knew was the sound I've always been looking for but not quite, then Dubstep and I love that, so I'm up for someone going back abit n taking a little of an older sound to develop a new sound and Acrnym almost pulls it off, better than most anyway.
    (we could chat about how all musicians copy other artists and even themselves (Snares :)) ) but thats kind of obvious.

    thanks for the comments, I'm gonna get out traktor... well virtual DJ cos I'm a numb head at mixing and always have been, and play them together...

    I bet we'll see them b2b in sets in the future :))

    I'll definitely have to put more of my opinions etc on releases we NEED feed back, it helps me learn about what I like most - music, I dunno about you lot :)

    hmm I think I'd like to make a Dubcore sound ... (sh1t I should keep that quite, it'll be made next week...)

    Turk said...

    oh I've always wondered why Intelligent Dance Music? A DJ friend hates the word as I implys all other music to be inferior etc.. also Cerebral Dance Music would be a better tag but I guess most are to dumb to understand that :)))