Friday, May 25, 2007

SCREAM Live Set (Testing Scribefire on my old Pismo Laptop away from home. app Firefox on Mac in OSX 10.4.9)

Q./ Will this work as I want?

A/. Not 100%
Scribefire DIDN'T appear to work for me that well, but it IS good for posting text or images from the net, uploading from harddrive didn't work and my HTML skills are is crap so the link I trid to add didn't work. :/
maybe next update... If you want it for your blog, i left the link at the btm of this post.

BTW thers ALL kinds of goodies set up - If i get half of them implemented it should be kind of cool. more tunes PLUS apps, videos, artist documentarys, n full length (music related) film & free sex!!!

DON'T forget to tell us (see below) how iFolder and other share services are working for you... It is for you lot after all.

For now it 'seems' iFolder for main post, then Megaupl0ad for mirrors. (F8K Rap1dsh4re & S3ndsp4c3 thats for sure!!)

IF the there is a link from RS or? its borrowed or lent to keep them alive.
(As you know, no activity on a link and some share services (not iFolder!!) delete the file.
If you have a blog use our posts - no need to say they came from here but a private chat would be cool :) or a little :) in the comments. on that a New LIVE chat box is being added later. Will be good to chat in realtime (I may add my AIM or MSN or ICQ address an actually USE it :) if anyone wants to request stuff I can post it steaight away...
Blog land is kind of a 1 way street... so -->

KDX - - its cross platform and AV (us) will be there 1 day soon with not a lot more than 160 shares.
KDX will eventually be updated to the final version, and it will be amazing, its good now!!
nuff said.


k here is a link for a (another) Dubstep set


Skream - 'Stella Sessions' - 20/12/2006

An amazing post from
  • ---> Aural-Virus <---


  • original post WAS "Powered by
  • ScribeFire.
  • " until I edited it :)
    Peas to you all!!


    Anonymous said...

    Turk stupid sucka =P ))))

    Turk said...

    Na bobo I'n'I big bout yah, Bumboklot!

    No baddi me, no cup broke, no coffee no dash wey.


    shmalfus said...


    Better tellme why image posting doesn't work.

    Turk said...

    Scribefire is 'new'/not very good? - i couldn't upload an image from my harddrive/s but there is an option to do so and an option to link to image sites like 'image shack' - there maybe better 'blog post' plug ins for Firefox... maybe the Google pack has 1??

    btw did you notice the clickable 'link' didn't work either?

    I think for now scribefire is only useful for posting text... :/

    I'll look for more later tonight..

    Also I have found a 'live' chatbox & a 'thing' which displays how many people and which country they are from so everyone can get to know each other, or at least a few people... :) has alot of 'add-ons' for blog sites

    I've joined a number of other things, i'll email you the passwords for them including the hushmail email info so we can get organised (well I :) can get organised ;))

    Anonymous said...

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