Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Amboss - Nitro / Razor Pleasure 12" (2007)

I'd like to share some 'Darkside' Drum n Bass, it will sound a little like this 12" You up 4 it?

I still love Breakcore but i've also reverted back into enjoying Darkside, Dubstep & the better IDM (of which I saw md - Applesap just a minute ago, i LOVE that album... so guess what?
Its gonna be 1 of 2 more posts both IDM then i'm gonna watch The Sopranos Season 6, episode 19,(in the U.K. we are just having a re-run of season 6 1-12 so as i've got them already i can spoil it for my mates... sweet. 'Pt2' got a bad reception in the US but after last weeks its picked up (if 1 to 12 was watched 1st then 13 etc no one would say sh1t...) anyway this is the 3rd to last of the show!! C0ck$ucker$ !! So no more posts :) I've made up for 2 months of sod all :)

Artist - Amboss
Release - Untitled (Nitro / Razor Pleasure seems like a good name...)

Label: Sub/Version
Catalog#: SUB/VERSION 011

Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: Mar 2007


a - Nitro
b - Razor Pleasure

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