Thursday, July 05, 2007

BUNKER - wanted - Early Label stuff (cat no 001 - 029)

Out of the dirty brown blue, from the dirty brown project flats in the newtown hell of the eastern suburbs, to the dirty brown filth-ridden crack-houses of south-central The Hague, in that plague-infested dirty brown city, the dirty brown capital of the Netherlands, dirty brown, dirty white, stick that dirty brown needle in your dirty brown arm, a dirty brown hole in your dirty brown brain. Get fucked in your dirty brown ass by a dirty brown cop, out of that dirty brown drug squat to roam the dirty brown streets of that dirty brown city. From the dirty brown cradle to your dirty brown grave, YOU LIVE AND DIE! below the dirty brown road. Dig that deep dirty brown cavity underground to burry your dirty brown body in, make an end to your dirty brown life or spend your last dirty brown money, a lousy buck, on dirty brown music, dirty brown records...



Set up in 1992 by three white and Eurasian middle-class nerd punks who had just moved into the squat zone of central The Hague from the suburban newtowns of Zoetermeer and Alphen a/d Rijn (where Rude 66 also hails from). Since no label was interested to release the music of Unit Moebius, their (now legendary) 'acid planet' squat parties in The Hague, with twelve hours of non-stop comatose acid-house music, no lights but heavy strobes and a very freaked out audience (partially due to the strong and pure LSD sold by one of the Unit Moebius members) of punks, squatters, junkies and patients from two nearby psychiatric institutes, made it possible to release Bunker 001 and 002. The next two releases were paid with money made with selling LSD (silver surfers!). Soon the fucked up standards for The Hague's hard, dark and crazy industrial techno music were set and the acid scene exploded.

More freaks, more drugs, more artists, more music, so Bunker started to realease records by other musicians to support the local scene. Many records, CD's, tapes, comics and videos followed. Despite the downfall of Unit Moebius (a soap opera about drugs (speed!), women, money, psychoses and depressions) in 1997, the decline of The Hague's acid scene (more speed!, ketamin, heroin, crack, hospital admissions, overdoses, suicides and other unnatural causes of death, mind fucking, paranoia and all kinds of psychiatric ailments) and the financial bankruptcy of the label in early 1998 (due to non-paying distributors) Bunker records has risen from it's own ashes with the new 3000 series (as the last 'old' Bunker was 029) to bring you the latest La Haia Bass/electro funk, Industrial planet rock, new wave techno-pop and La Haia coca disco from The Hague's electronic freak scene. Can you still dig it?

a bit about 1 of the Bunker Warrior Soldjahs.

In the summer of love TLR started playing hardcore punk at parties in a local youth home that was closed when asbestos was found seeping through the pores. In 1996 he co-founded Global Darkness and became involved in organising underground Jungle parties in the totally freaked out and fucked up squat scene of the West Coast of Holland area; filled with fundamentalists, attention junkies, substance abusers, genetic experiments gone wrong and legions of crustie tekno travellers (like SP23) looking for an easy buck in the flower industry and an escape from the 1994 Criminal Justice Act.
In the late 90's - when Jungle had died a horrible death in Drum & Bass - the first wave of The Hague electronics hit him like a brick when Guy Tavares of Unit Moebius gave him some records of I-F, Pametex and Electronome after a gig. Their tense and dangerous style was far removed from the mind numbing lifestyle crap that dominates the airwaves and refueled a love for electro in him that had been dormant since the mid 80's. When introduced to the hidden treasures in the Clone recordshop (then housed in a small and dark backroom of Rotterdam's Urban Unit) matters really got out of hand.
In 1998 the Bunker label rose from its own ashes. Soon after the original Global Darkness crew went separate ways. He designed the skeleton for
  • and started
  • , which silently grew into one of the most consistent electro/disco communities on the Internet. In 2000 TLR and fellow dirty brown loser DJ Schmerzlabor pulled the Bunker Records Dirty Brown World Tour out of their hats

    and invited Legowelt & Orgue Electronique (at that time one of the few Bunker live acts) along to spread the dirty brown gospel.
    The Bunker Team was a fact and he slowly rediscovered the Freewave pirate radio Italo/disco sounds of his childhood through the mixes of I-F and sunday afternoon tea sessions in the shady apartments of Legowelt and Orgue Electronique. It didn't take long before the Bunker Team's myth of grandeur became a reality, and they've been touring ever since.
    The end of 2001 saw the birth of the Creme Organization. What started out as a little playground for Mr Clavio soon grew to more serious proportions with consecutive releases of Lolita Strap, Bangkok Impact and It & My Computer. Creme Organization has been releasing on a rigorous schedule and quickly gained a cult following. The following years shit got a little crazy for Creme and the Bunker Team with several coast to coast US and Canadian tours, a bunch of Japanese tours, nonstop travel around Europe and an upcoming Australian stint.

    So what's that ALL about?

    I NEED more Bunker shit :)

    Drop me a line (prefer a pipe) better still some dirty would be prefered...

    email me if you got some EARLY Bunker (pre Bunker 3000 (cat number)

    You Now the Score!

    or direct
    or straight to me
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    P M X said...

    Brilliant and terrifying writeup! You make the Hague sound like Sodom and Gomorrah :x

    Appreciate the VIP link status~! cheers 666

    Turk said...

    Wish I was there, though I guess anyone in the late 80's/early 90's rave scene just about went through exactly the same things, just change the names of the drugs - Silver Surfers to Red Microdots/Gold Stars/ Purple Ohms/ Smileys/ Purple Microdots/ Windowpanes (OH Windowpanes !!!!!!!!!) Black Stars (Micro dots & DOVES, DOVES & more DOVES the Rhubarb n Custards & Dennis the Menace's then onto crappy Triple Xs, FAKE Doves & Mitsishitbushis etc... = end of Rave scene = beginning of Bread head scene... all 'Old Skoolers' say "here take it new comers and grasp it well with your white gloves & 10 e's that STILL don't come close to 1 Dove... but at least you can brag how many you took!' & off we go n pick mushrooms and sit back n watch with a little grin of something never to be repeated - the feeling of something new, all being on the same high, be it 20 or 2000 - you can't MAKE that happen.
    We only wish everyone could have had a glimpse.

    Imagine NOW giving a stranger £300 & him return with the BEST e's he could find and his only wanted payment? to see you all off it like him in an hour... (after all you did look for the most nutted guy to ask in the 1st place)

    Today give someone £300 you don't know you'll not see them again, we did this EVERY club we'd go to for almost 3 years solid.

    You Know the Score ! !


    AMP said...

    thanks for the lesson - great piece!