Monday, July 02, 2007

Milanese - Adapt (2007)

Milanese - Adapt (2007)

Artist - Milanese
Release - Adapt

Label - Planet Mu
Catalog# - ZIQ172CD

Format - CD, Mini-Album
Country - UK
Released - 28 May 2007

Style: IDM, Dub, Grime, Breaks
(Thats total sh1t 'tagging' - U got 1 heavy Dubstep track, 2nd good ole Breakcore, 3rd is a f'kin killya Breakcore killa mash of track 1 (eh mix), 4th Dubstep, 5th Dubcore (sh1t 'n' damn someone has already done it... (you'll know what I mean if you read the post), 6th - cheerful Dubsteppa (Katie Kestral from Lamb?), Track 7 - I don't have to listen to this with 'Virus Syndicate' involved, you just know :), track 8 finishes off... - hang on do you want me to read to you as well?... HAHA
Just get it n check 'em LOUD!!! (more coming)

01 - Mr Good News (5:04)
02 - Sight Beyond Sight (Hrdvsion Remix) (5:18)
03 - Mr Bad News (Clark Remix) (5:00)
04 - Barry Dub (5:38)
05 - So Malleable (Cold Mix) (5:23)
06 - Double Face (Feat. Kate Kestrel) (4:57)
07 - Dead Man Walking (Feat. Virus Syndicate - DJ Distance Remix) (4:40)
08 - Billy Electron (Venger Remix) (3:31)

mp3 320kbps

This is DARK n Hefty Dubstep. D I R T Y, G R E A S Y 'n' G R I M E Y - hmm like melted chocolate eaten with a spade... (really??? .. ok :) )

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    Thundard said...

    I discover your blog (like your other blog noise). Your selection is absolutely brilliant. You have a list? If you want, I send mine by email to you. One never knows! I have can be tricks that you research. Thank you and continues like that!

    Turk said...

    My list will be crazy long (like most) & Shmalfus, well I expect his is proly even bigger :)

    I am looking for a way to share everything I have always, KDX would be the best but I (yet) don't have the upload speed to make it work fast enough, so until the UK changes to speeds similar to the U.S or Holland this is the best way I can share a little of my music and thankfully Shmalfus (he must be crazy :) ) kindly 'helped' (damn near does ALL the work I should say ;) , if not for him this place may have gone over Xmas)

    so he gets 1st choice, if he wants it.. to do whatever happens, and again if he wants he can suggest what to do, its 50/50.

    but to the original question, swapping lists & music would be difficult for me (no time - I have a 'family' and all the usual time stealing stuff that 'society' life takes... I wouldn't be able to burn DVD'rs of albums and mail them at the moment..

    I am currently going through all my music and correcting tags, replacing low Kbps albums with higher 1's and will create a list of what I have which I'll make available for anyone to request from asap.

    If you have requests I can try and fill them (usually I'll get an album if someone asks for it to listen to it anyway (as if it we're a recommendation).

    If you list other blogs at your place I was wondering if you would mind if I could place yours in our 'Recommended Blogs' list? (i think that may have been where the 'list' question arose from, I meant 'list' as in add your blog to our 'blog listing'

    sorry for the confusion :)