Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Seems ok, have another vid or 5

Panacea - The Evil Seed

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Panacea - Motion Sickness

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now another from Concord Dawn, a good track usual D'n'B video (its got to be on fast fwd, its the rules... yawn.
concord dawn - morning light

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k I got bored of looking for a video on My Space, it was all geeky twats making shit homemade things so check this (I was looking for an Aaron Spectre related vid, I found a 'spectre bomb' raid in Afghanistan.

Heres the description:-

Mine : Sick as f*ck

whoever the fucks : Description: Watch an operational video of an AC-130 Spectre targeting suspected militant targets in Afghanistan. Its an AWESOME display of this gunship's firepower, targeting buildings and moving vehicles with 40mm and 105mm rounds with deadly accuracy although requiring a bit more effort to take down infantry! (what a tosser)

AC-130 Spectre targeting militant's in Afghanistan


bored now, next vids I post will be from me... fuck searching for them.... boring - oh if you find good 1s (i found 100s of fucking Venetian Snares so not him) plz post the href link info in a comment and I'll pop it up for others to view.

peace off


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