Saturday, June 09, 2007

Maladroit - JUNGL (2005)

Maladroit - JUNGL

Label - Not On Label
Catalog# - MALADROIT2

Format - CDr
Country - Australia
Released - 2005

Style: Hardcore, Breakcore
Notes: Hand prepared CDR with quite remarkable red-sprayed jewel case.

01 - Requiem For An 8-Bit Sample (4:12)
02 - Efil 4 Erovinrac (4:06)
03 - A Tyme Aftyr Cyndi (4:37)
04 - Hardcore Renegade For Life Etc (3:48)
05 - Jungle Prophet (4:39)
06 - Looming Wave Of Kipple On The Horizon (4:44)
07 - Epping Hardcore (3:16)
08 - Hardware Placebo (4:16)
09 - Eclectic Dreams (4:31)
10 - Crowd Funk Killer (4:16)

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    Anonymous said...

    Turk, 10x for cover addings ))

    Turk said...

    You did the hard work :)

    btw if you want to add a mix or something send me the url (via the Hushmail email, its set now if anyone sends a msg I get an email telling mew, phew (i lost the previous account :)) haha, cos I gotta log in at least once every 3 months, n I thought no one was using it so I lost all emails ... damn...)
    anyway if you got some cool sets that play direct when connected to I can add them to the list, I can even add tracks from Juno, Boomkat, Peace off or Planet Mu, basically anything that plays when connected all will play on our 'iPod' :))) LoL Quite good while posting shares (so plz send us some :)))

    Turk said...

    not 3 months, 3 weeks...

    Anonymous said...

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