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Bong-Ra - Peel Sessions (2003)

Bong-Ra - Peel Session

Label: Death$ucker Records
Catalog#: D$R 3.0
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 2003
Style: Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Jungle
Notes: Limited to 500 copies worldwide

Bitrate: 192 kbps, ogg

OGG OGG OGG OGG OGG OGG - not mp3 - see above - 500 copies ONLY - now see below

A1 Rocket Punch Generation
A2 Ghettoblaster
B1 Hakkken (Remix)
B2 Archie Bunker Disciples


  • +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+

    Being in OGG format - Mac OSX users can play the files with MacAmp Lite X was a great little MP3 (and more) player for OS X.

    Now, it's dead (no longer being updated/developed but this dose NOT mean it is an innadequate player, far from it, it is more stable than Audion OSX (shame) & possibly the best mp3 (& ogg) player for OSX for its lack of cpu usage if you want to quick build a playlist of new albums with unchecked tags this is the player, Whamb was less stable - bring back Soundjam (oh the people are making iTunes... damn)

    Anyway it lives on
  • MacAmp Lite HERE
  • for free.

    Download it and enjoy, and (i read) you can use the following codes. (Why though its free??) maybe theres more to discover, hmm i may as ALL my Brian Jonestown Massacre albums/eps/ducks, whatever arty thing he calls them, are ogg (free from his (Antons) site btw!!) duck & ogg seem to fit. why is that? cat n dog, duck n ogg? hmm hmmm
    K codes :-
    Name: MALTX User
    Code: MALTX-490513-5082

    Name: PPP User
    Code: PPP-041661-0594

    I found (using 10.3.9 that
    A- I never needed the Serials &
    B- the 2nd version worked, the 1st quit on opening. (10.3.9 incompatability? newest iTunes 7??)

    I must say iTunes 7+ is actually good!, since about 4 (2.04 :) haha) i've not cared for any of the extras brought in the updates, all i noticed was a cpu drain each update just for a load of kiddy frills (tell your friends what music you are listening to! 'Robot DJ mode' BUY mp3's from the iTunes store (piss off i want something i can hold!) Even the half ripe Podcasting i'd not lose sleep if it were stopped today NOT until i can watch ALL TV on it. The future will be good though. I hope not as i'm expecting... 3 years?? 5?? Its ALL in place NOW. C'mon!
    The updates never actualy brought musical sound quality enhancement. And on certain machines caused deterioration!! (THEN came Volume Logic!! BRILLIANT now pissed on by iTunes 7 as Volume Logic dosen't work in it - i was gutted as this is a superb plug in, You have iTunes player, the EQ and the Volume Logic 'console' i thought here we go, the sound quality doubled. sweet!
    I do hope its out soon, for 7 & Tiger - i want to buy it (yes truely!! i do buy good software. G Force visualiser also :)
    So iTunes as a complete entertainments package with killer sound quality. I await, cash in hand ready for a duel core duo.... hurry up or i'll just get another mini mac for making tunes.... trust PBook for lugging n iMac for this business.

    WAKE UP!!

    Ok those who have said :-
    I dont want to have ogg files! (Odd even though they sound better we went with MP3 or were heavily steered (broadsided) toward the 'MP'everything monicker. MpDonalds, MPeG, MPG, MPolice, Mental Patient :)

    So no ogg 4 u/us You can of course if you wish the files to be mp3, burn these via Toast and re rip via iTunes.

    (If you find other more unusual codecs for MAC (ie the dreaded mpc - check out for a large collection of codecs for both PC & Mac. mpc has a console run doodad that i still haven't (been bothered to) sussed to convert an EXCELLENT Mille Plateux compilation. 1 day when i have more reasons than 1! to learn console properly (all 15 minutes), i make music not engineer software...

    K other crap on the subject of non mp3 codecs :-

    To convert WMA to MP3 on a Mac search Versiontracker or the other bloody 1 i've forgotten thats better (Mac??arrgghh! damn), for the easy to use 'WMA to MP3 Convertor'.


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