Saturday, December 09, 2006

Street Sounds Electro > Volume 1

Street Sounds Electro > Volume 1

Street Sounds Label

1. The Packman,- I'm The Packman (Eat Everything I Can)
2. Newcleus - Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)
3. West Street Mob - Break Dancin' (Electric Boogie)
4. C-Bank - Get Wet
5. K-9 Corp - Dog Talk
6. G. Force - Feel The Force
7. Project Future - Ray - Gun - Omics
8. Captain Rock - Return Of Captain Rock

  • (filefactory, so ok for awhile)

    OLD SKOOL - Wicked stuff!

    Check at LEAST -> Electro 2, and hear (i think) the first time the Amen break was used in -> The B Boyz - 2,3, Break.

    Electro compilations take me back, way back - i had to post the above and following classics. thanks to Funky Boutique.

    If you want more old skool theres a more classics there.
    I hope he posts Electro 4 - i have 2! copies (vinyl) 1 i wore out as a teenager, the other i dropped on a keyboard stand and chipped the 1st track, and the track was !!!!!! Run DMC - SUCKER MC !!!!!! on 1 side - SHIT!!

    I do have upto 11, & 3 side shots (Y vs LA Beats, UK Electro n another i forget) though only 5 & 7 on good vinyl, the rest are tapes (originals).
    I may rip them at a later date.
    If you google 'Streetsounds electro' there is someone selling the entire lot (Bootlegged from the original Vinyl onto CD) Its worth buying, hes done a good job of the covers (i think you get 2 albums in a double DVD case with a glossy cover scan(?), I may ask for it for xmas from my brother (gives him excuse for his addiction - net shopping hehe.)

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