Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Godflesh - Hymns (2001)

Godflesh - Hymns (2001)

Genre:Industrial Metal/Experimental
Quality:MP3 192 kbps

01-Defeated 6:05
02-Deaf Dumb & Blind 4:24
03-Paralyzed 5:08
04-Anthem 5:25
05-Voidhead 4:41
06-Tyrant 4:05
07-White Flag 6:25
08-For Life 5:10
09-Animals 3:52
10-Vampires 6:28
11-Antihuman 4:23
12-Regal 4:37
13-Jesu 12:48


  • A more recent 1...

    Selfless & Pure are very good as well, if you like this check Fudge Tunnel (i'll get some upped pretty soon with a couple of other albums related to each other)


    Anonymous said...


    I found a new file sharing server you might be interested in;

    shmalfus said...


    It doesn't work. First everything is working good and file is being uploaded but when you want to get link to your uploaded file it says "Error during upload (unable to read file details)". WTF???

    Turk said...

    It did open for me but as i come from the UK, shmalfus from the RF we need a site we can both use, iFolder offers the same services but thanks for the headsup :)