Monday, August 07, 2006

Hellfish and Producer - Constant Mutation (2000)

Label: Planet Mu
Catalog#: ZIQ023CD
Format: CD , Mixed
Country: UK
Released: 09 Apr 2000
Genre: IDM
Style: Breakcore

01 Kicks In Unparalleled (3:58)
02 No More Rock'n'Roll (Koala Fish Mutant Bird Mix) (4:01)
03 The Way Of The Homeboy Pt. 2 (The Winter Of Discontent) (6:59)
04 The Teknologikal Revolutionary (4:11)
05 Compression Warrior (4:34)
06 Ultimate Damage '98 (2:34)
07 The Uridium Project (4:43)
08 Deck Fuel (Adventures For The Sonically Deprivated) (3:34)
09 First Wave (4:46)
10 Turntable Savage (4:11)
11 Head Grit (5:48)
12 Spitting Blood (4:05)

You'll notice I don't use ELECTRONIC(A) as a genre, mainly because electronica was in the 80's & secondly 'music made on a computer that is not considered dance(able) music is classed as Intellectual Dance Music (IDM)' I peresonally would prefer the tag CDM (Cerebral Dance Music) as IDM (as a good DJ friend pointed out) infers that dance music isn't intelligent. But IDM is the mass choice, so now you know why... IDM covers music traditionaly undanceable :) as this offering. Hmm you could try dancing to it... your head might fall off but please try.... send me the photo's :))

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