Monday, August 07, 2006

Blockhead - Music By Cavelight (Limited Edition) (2004)

Label: Big Dada, Ninja Tune
Format: 2xCD
Country: US
Released: 2004
Genre: IDM Hip Hop (the best description, El P, Roots Manuva etc - not hip hop not idm, call them both :)
Style: Abstract, Downtempo

01 Intro: Hello Popartz
02 You've Got Maelstrom
03 Carnivores Unite
04 Sunday Seance
05 A Better Place
06 Road Rage Breakdown
07 Triptych Pt.1
08 Triptych Pt.2
09 Triptych Pt.3
10 Jet Son
11 Cavelight
12 Breath And Start
13 Bullfight In Ireland
14 Insomniac Olympics
01 Forest Crunk
02 Daylight
03 Night Light
04 Maintenance
05 11:35

from the BIG DADA stable (a side shoot from Ninja Tunes), expect ALOT! here from this label....


(ps a checky borrow from a checky borrower :) )

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