Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ital Roots Players - Alice In Dubland

Label: MoFo Studio
Country: UK
Released: April/May 2005
Style: Dub, Reggae
Format: MP3, APS(VBR)
Ital Roots Players Present Their Dub Reggae Album 'Alice in Dubland', an Adventure in Dubland in Nine Parts.
Written, Recorded and Produced in April/May 2005 at MoFo Studio, Canvey Island, UK.

01 - Into Dubland
02 - Dub The Rabbit Hole
03 - Chalice Dub
04 - Cheshire Cat Dub
05 - Mad Hatters Dub
06 - Queen Of Dubs
07 - Alice Mashup The Court
08 - Fantastic Vision
09 - Out Of Dubland

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  • I'm their new fan


    AMP said...

    yo looks interesting! looking farword to trying this out.

    Anonymous said...

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    Turk said...

    DMG - 1st song I saw was from Madonna... nuff said