Friday, July 13, 2007

Neil Landstrumm - Restaurant Of Assassins (2007)

Commercial & Promo vrsns

Neil Landstrumm - Restaurant Of Assassins (2007) Official Release

Label: Planet Mu
Catalog#: ZIQ174CD

Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 28 May 2007

Style: Techno, Dub, Grime, Experimental

Credits: Written-By, Producer - Neil Landstrumm
Notes: All tracks written and produced at The Witness Rooms.

01. Kids Wake Up
02. Yorkshire Steel Cybernetics (with Big Bully)
03. Assassin Master
04. Reverse Rebel (with The Ragga Twins)
05. Harlem Shoot Me
06. Give Them Fire
07. Rockers 'The Underground King'
08. Lung Dub (with Si Begg)
09. Tusk Hunter
10. Big In Chapeltown
11. Mike Grimes


  • in case the above is down... and if you want to check both (I like this so I got 'em both)

    this is the Advance promo vrsn (Track names DON'T match the released version in order or to the track itself but are the same takes.. k? :) )
    Check the times below against the same track/time above and you'll see the difference - uZiq/Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert release stuff like this NORMALLY :))

    Neil Landstrumm - Restaurant Of Assassins ADVANCE promo

    01. Rockers "The Underground King" (6:31)
    02. Kids Wake Up (4:48)
    03. Assassin Master (4:32)
    04. Lung Dub with Si Begg (6:03)
    05. Give Me Fire (3:20)
    06. Bleep Biopsy (4:29)
    07. Mike Grimes Toyota (4:50)
    08. Yorkshire Steel Cybernetics feat Big Bully (5:36)
    09. Tusk Hunter (6:25)
    10. MC Aidsy Aids (5:07)
    11. Harlem Shoot Me (4:22)
    12. Tired Like A Dead (6:22)


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    P M X said...

    hey man my brother played this for me last night and we were going insane. besides the new Vibert acid stuff, this is possibly the best new music out there in my opinion! thx

    Turk said...

    I agree, I love it, I put 1 track underneath the 'pile of burning skulls' about 2 weeks before this post - the image needs clicking, in fact most images will click to something and I'll ber adding to more but I'll tell people (I click EVERYTHING when I visit a blog, you'll be surprised what you find :) (accidental links hidden in the img's url, I found complete labels archives etc - true (I'll give you some)

    Anyway check it out, give 'em a click, I often put a mix or track under there to see if anyone notices it :) I think 1 other person has LOL

    But that's my favourite track he's done... I've got a 12" of his as well + just got in another 250 x 12s this week :) I've not seen anywhere, 150 are Dubstep !!! & about 100 Drum 'n' Bass oh and about 40 full length Breakcore & similar albums (I wish I could share everything)
    "yes !! go ON!!"
    RE : The 12"s - I'm gonna start posting them in blocks of 5... (by label/or artist etc) otherwise they'll never get shared enough..

    Re this albums genre.
    I'm not sure if its a style he can follow up again, wouldn't be as fresh, cos like you say it like 'sh1t!! this is the bomb! 1st listen, I LOVE the use of rave anthem samples with what can be best described as the 'newest' music genres at the moment.

    Thanks for the comment. peeps don't realize it actually makes you want to post more. no ones commenting so I've kind of gone ah never mind... when theres 4/5 comments a day I seem to post 4/5 albums a day :)

    AMP said...

    yo Turk I love this album! thanks for hooking it up. such a great blend of elements here. found liveravestep06 mix here:
    thanks again and i look forward to more posts!

    AMP said...

    don't know if that posted right: