Friday, June 01, 2007

Lorcscyric - Doomed Culture EP - Faces Of Lorccore

Label: Black Hoe Recordings
Catalog#: BH026XEP
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320kbps
Country: Hungary
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise, Breakcore
Bitrate: 320 kb/s

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01 - Evar Ezion (8:02)
02 - Doomed Culture (4:47)
03 - Evar Krad (Black Mix) (5:47)
04 - Fuck Em All (4:59)

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    Turk said...

    Yo wo, hey, hi, dude etc :)) Shamlfus

    I was wondering, isn't Black Hoe a net label?

    I know they we're cos I have BHX001 - 020 - I don't mean don't post 'em, I think advertising Net Labels stuff is great in fact it would be a good thing to do a Net Label 'write up' and discog every 2 weeks .

    Its just not worth your effort uploading it to 2 share services when it is listed at the labels site for download... :)

    btw MaShit Net Label (link to the side) are great, Enduser started on them and has some digital 12"s for download.
    MaShits 2nd release (Fuck You George Bush) is shit hot.
    I call them digital 12"s cos they do sell their downloads on 12" vinyl, a remember talking with Artbreaker and he had bought them all.... jammy sod cos F.U. George Bush is (was) out of print, so 1st edition will proly be worth some cash.

    Hmm so would Aaron Spectres - Evil Most Foul 12". Only 500 of the 1st pressing (now its been repressed so 2nd edition pressings won't resell (IF anyone could actually sell vinyl :) it's a crime to sell it I think.. wish I'd bought it 1st time round and Drumcorps and ALL of Peace Off's early releases, and and ;))

    anyway I finally have revisited Funky's - so I'll be seeing you there again soon :)

    L8rs bro, I'm off to check Black Hoe Label to see if they are still a net label or not :)

    Anonymous said...

    Being honest i have to say i didn't know that Black Hoe is a net label. So, if you think i'm a stupid idiot i'll answer you: Yes! I'm not very clever guy and don't shame about it )))))))

    It was a joke. I'm genius

    Turk said...

    haha - nah I'm just a geek for searching every little corner for unheard music (hang on that sounds big headed.. I'm just a geek ;) for searching for music for FREE!!!

    but yeah man Black Hoe got a huge back catalouge of some of the hardest shit out there.. I know you'll love 'em

    btw I'm trying to work out this f*cking 'mp3 player in your blog' think.

    It looks real cool (I selected an iPod - mainly cos.. hmm I was going to say its easier to use but proly cos I own 1 and apple macs anyway it can be loaded with any song from the site, if you do a search it will find say a song for?? Rotator on Juno (the uk net record shop) and you can then play the promo they have from here OR (i've joined that) you can upload your own stuff such as the better mix sets we've heard (which is the plan) and then peeps can listen away whilst they download.
    We can load it up with 10 files at a time, pretty cool eh?

    Fuck I'm all hyped ac.coI'm about to buy the 24" iMac with 2.33 ghz & 7600GT GeForce GFX card, fucking awesome piece of shit in a box, I can finally play Quake lV, Call of Duty 2 & Doom 3 without things slowing down :), my brother is a teacher and gets teacher discount which is like £500 saving ! ! ! - if I bought it in the U.S. it would be half price again, Living in the UK is expensive.. I wouldn't mind if it was particularly a good place to live but its shit, everything costs sop much so the majority of people have no spare cash so they all sit in doors doing fuck all or getting pissed and punching their girlfriends etc :) (alcohol the only drug I hate), I'd rather move to Germany or Holland myself..

    hmm after writing all this I MUST find some way of us chatting on here, I found a LIVE chat box, which is ok, it will say how many people are connected to the blog, and I'd like to get to know who comes here... there must be more than just us 3 by the number at the bottom, what is it now? (goes to look) sh!t 15,592, its going up about 1500 a week since ?? 2 months ago so I assume its not only 10 people who connect 200 times a week :)