Saturday, June 02, 2007

Drop The Lime - We Never Sleep

Label: Tigerbeat6
Catalog#: MEOW133
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 27 May 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Dub, Grime, Techno, Hip Hop, Breakbeat

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01 - Wake Up Call (4:48)
02 - Devil's Kicks (5:59)
03 - Hotsauce Grillz (5:03)
04 - Coal Oven Fevers (3:22)
05 - Butterscotch (2:54)
06 - E Lock (5:31)
07 - Bella (2:55)
08 - Full Moon Rising (3:47)
09 - Triceratops (6:20)
10 - Turn Out The Light (4:43)
11 - Skyline Fantasy (5:01)

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    Turk said...

    'We Never Sleep' - hahaha, bloody seems like it with the amount of posts eh? :)

    btw I checked this share service out for the 2 Aaron Spectres & Drumcorps shares - mediafire.

    Really easy to use and very easy for people to download from, good down speeds as well, I got 350k compared to 140-160k on iFolder...

    I'm gonna use 'em for my stuff until they go bust and all my uploads are wiped :))

    if you want to use 'em I'll send over the code cos I've registered it under this place so theres no way it can link to me or you cos I used the hush mail email ;))

    anyway what ya reading this for? I'm boring ...

    Turk said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Turk said...

    just me again you didn't think it would be someone saying thanks did you? (suprise haha)

    To be honest, theres been some great people recently saying hi n thanks etc so respect to them..

    oh yeah, also what's good about mediafirel, they keep a record of how many people download the file so you can think that's 25 people in the past 2 days that haven't said thank you, good /crap music or kiss my ass, you suckers for sharing... slurppp:::... leeeech:::....

    Anonymous said...

    I shall always say "thank you" for your uploads in future, baby =)))))

    Mediafire... Hmmmm... Have to try this shit

    Turk said...

    See someone loves us :)

    Anonymous said...

    LOL. It's cool to be loved ))))

    There's only thing better than this - when my girfriend rapes me haaaard

    BTW. I've created a Mediafire account but this service doesn't allow me to upld anything. It tells about problem with identifier or smthg like this

    Turk said...

    bucket of shit, weird how 'you lot' have problems with some share sites, proly due to your non existant digital media copyright laws (thats correct isn't it? I read it somewhere, the RF has non??)

    I imagine share sites avoid any grey areas by just not enabling their service to you hence iFolder is so popular in your part of the planet :) ... maybe?

    You could try disguising your IP address with such sites as Proxy7 but its a load of hassle if its something you have to learn eh?
    I wouldn't know where to begin and unless I'm being paid I'm not spending 6 hours finding out :)

    btw I've found an absolute huge pile of Dubstep & Dark Side D'n'B so that side of the music spectrum is covered for this summer :))

    Turk said...

    also a shed load of quality STUDIO Live Mix Sets perfect for the 'MP3 Player' just need to suss how to get the f*cker working & written into the HTML template of the blog, also to get the details to you so (if you want) you can add Sets you like...

    maybe keep a set up for ?? 4 days? then change it, of course we'll add 10 straight away then remove/replace 1 - might be good to have a live chat box, I found a better 1 earlier that had a refresh & shout button, I've already added a 'how many people are connected' "thing" up by the top of the current chat box, so worth refreshing / reloading the page when you login cos we did login earlier at the same time, I replied to your ad noiseam request when I saw someone login, then I saw your chat box request and knew it was you... so we almost had a chat on here :))