Thursday, January 18, 2007

One Way - On 3 turntables I'd say I'm nice (2006)

TRYING to follow that amazing Paulie/Twinhooker post here's a quick start, the jungle is needed so heres some more ruff n tuff bad bwoy bidnizz :) init.

MY MASSIVE thanks go out to Shmalfus for holding the fort, Peace bro!!

Though I've been busy in the background collecting, tags to be 'polished'sorting so expect more to follow and hopefully around feb gonna add a little side dish of ... well when it happens let us know if you like :) but to now I've collected quite a lot recently and been loving doing the quality control on this shit i've been getting recently.

I'm putting the Breakcore to the side just for a week or? but I like this unplanned start to the New Year with some heavy bass (later of course some deep down n nasty Breakcore will appear (again something i've been busy collecting), some great older Breakcore classics from labels now gone to just out last week, but for now theres some bad bad Darkside D'n'B to Ruff in the Jungle tunes that I've been blasting out and seems Shmalfus has to, that time of year? So i'm just collating n polishing these 12's tags of which i'll share in blocks of 3 or 4 at a time for some.

All to come.

Back to thanks to Shmalfus for keeping the tunes hot, I've had a heavy beginning to the year, family bizness, so bare with me & any spare positive vibes you can send wont be wasted. so quoting track 25 of this set (Capleton & Method Man !!!) ... 'We can all get by if we Unify' So i'll see you on the other side...

Peace ALL!!!

Enjoy this likkle rockA!
It is pretty damn nice, though i'll have to follow it up with another from The Bug vs Soundmurderer :)

One Way - On 3 turntables I d say I m nice

compiled & mixed by 1 Way (from Poland) who I shall check out more (here's a link )

01. Intro
02. 187 feat. Asher Senator / All Foundation Junglist
vs Loqtus / Tell Them Inna Babilon
03. Hose / Runaway rmx
04. Krinjah / Big, Bad & Heavy
05. Debaser / Bazooka
06. De Ice feat. Armshouse Crew / U Asked 4 It
07. Organic Sound / Nothing 4 All
08. Krinjah / Worker Man
09. R.Cola / Nuttin’ A Go So
10. Rhygin / LK rmx
11. KGBkid / Badbwoy Dubplate
12. Cypress Hill / Pigz vs Undercover Agent / Oh Gosh rmx
13. Booyaka Crew vs SS / Rolldige
14. D.I.S. / Original Sound
15. Krinjah / My Gal
16. Debaser / Hills and Valleys
17. Organic Sound / We Deserve
18. General Malice / Bloodclaat
19. Just Jungle / Come Fe Nice It Up
2o. Debaser / Pitch Black
21. Criminal Sound / Limb by Limb VIP rmx
22. Murderbot / Rub-A-Dub Soldier
23. R.Cola / Pass the Dutchie
24. Outro
25. Capleton feat. Method Man / Wings of the Morning


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