Friday, November 03, 2006

Enduser - Comparing Paths (2005)

Enduser - Comparing Paths (2005)

Year: 2005
Label: Mirex
Country: Germany
Style: Breakcore

01 Comparing Paths
02 Fuck Up The System
03 Familiar Taste Of Blood
04 My Shit Eats Tapes
05 Tripset
06 Berlin Dub
07 Devil Tricked The World
08 Gun Temper
09 My Ak
10 Darkness
11 The Return
12 Slammed In The Face...
13 End Of A Beginning
14 Unlisted Vinyl Bonus Track


  • My apologise if the track info here differs to the upload (we are a team and my version is vinyl, unsure of Shmalfus's format :) )

    k Enduser for tonight is my last post, expect much more from them & future posts from these chappies/ettes Sickboy, Knifehandchop, FFF, Dryft, Datach'i, Fanny, Ebola, Drop the Lime, Hecate, Beefcake, Hypnoskull, Mochipet, Line47, Kano, Keef Baker, Mono No Aware, Orphx, Mr Kill, Mash Up Soundsystem, Mad EP, Mr 76ix, Snog, Architect, Doormouse n of course Aaron Spectre/Drumcorps, Rotator (i'm begining to remember more so heres a good place to stop) plus some great Net Label artists (a few blow away the signed/well known competition no worries) plus some great compilations from Hymen, Ad Noiseam, Ant Zen n of course Planet Mu blah blah blah

    For now i'm going to gather covers, info etc for tomorrows or (if i'm busy with my family) sundays post which will be at least 5 (probably 10) posts half & half albums & 12" 'n' 7s of stuff i've been meaning to post for weeks.


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