Friday, November 03, 2006

Black Dog Productions - (Bytes) 1993

Black Dog Productions - (Bytes)

Genre: Idm
Label: Warp records
Year: 1993
320 kbps
137 mb


1 Plaid Object Orient (5:44)
2 Close Up Over Caz (6:15)
3 Xeper Carceres Ex Novum (6:42)
4 Atypic Focus Mel (7:12)
5 Close Up Over Olivine (4:45)
6 I.A.O. The Clan (Mongol Hordes) (6:24)
7 Plaid Yamemm (6:14)
8 Discordian Popes Fight The Hits (6:20)
9 Balil Merck (4:33)
10 Close Up Over Jauqq (5:46)
11 Balil 3/4 Heart (7:34)



  • K - These last 3 posts were not intended but i found them and it seemed a waste :) not to spread them to you guys.

    This album is 'responsable' for a LOT in the music we hear today. If you have it you know what i mean, if you don't then how the hell are you into ANY kind of IDM related music?

    Just download these past 3 posts and enjoy for thoose more relaxed times.
    K i better get back to something with an Amen involved ....

    Hey how about The Winstons? and the guy dying? RIP that man. Theres a post in the archives of a movie about the whole history, also at 'More Better Than You' you can pick up a rip of the original track, plus the A side. eh in otherwords the 7" :)


    Anonymous said...

    from marcus
    many thanx!!
    a great(and rare-to-find)album!!


    Turk said...

    :) any other early IDM on Warp or other labels you want just ask. I have WAP001 Sweet Exocist if wanted (its not great but it is Warps offical 1st CD release, also Skam (Mask, Smak)'s 12's the 1's that have Broadcast, Funkstroung, Bola & Gescom etc on but you have to guess who did what (Skam 100 (100 pressed) Skam 200 (200 pressed) 300 :) 300 pressed etc... though Skam 100 was the original 'crew' the rest were (so the story goes) released under the Skam label (i guess something to do with finances.. who cares they sound great today. Oh yeah wasn't this/Black Dog the pre-start of WARP? (inc Spanners CD)
    I dunno, if ANYONE wants to post 'facts' i'd like to hear them....

    1 would be why after about WAPCD105 have warp turned shite? :) Gravenhurst? wtf???

    NE Way thanks for the thanx Marcus.