Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wiiliam S. Burroughs - Junky (written as William Lee

William Lee - JUNKY

Wiliiam S. Burroughs

I'm a great Burroughs fan so i thought i'd share 1 of my favourite books he wrote his audio format, its more accessable than say Naked Lunch and a great insight into Heroin Addiction in America just before the Beat Generation (a better era than the 'Hippy' era in my opinion) & before drugs became a fashion.

So heres something to follow the last post which has a little bit of Burroughs involvement.

Download it and see if you can NOT become a fan of Americas literay Genius of the last century. I'll be posting more and theres a test at the end of each month :))


  • This is 1 of the occasional posts that i'll be doing unrelated to the musical ditrection of this blog, eventually the other blog i have started but done very! little to (Aural Virus (no "-" in the address ) will become the sister blog for 'Head Food'.
    Including Many books from beat writers to religious & scientific, artist- Escher, Alex Grey etc (spiritual or at least mind expanding rather than trad artists) , Shamanism & other drug related experiences of influential nature upon society and the world, conspiracies theorys from 911 (not much as much has been done though i have a lot of films of which 1 will certainly make a blind man see!) also people such as Tesla to the usual Masonic, NWO areas etc etc & MUCH more its work in progress, many books, films & documentarys will be on that blog, i have them now, i'm too busy to contribute to 2 blogs but if there is anything you are interested in or have been after ask away, from Robert Anton Wilson to the Illumanati to Buddhism.. my interests are broad on this subject so i'm still trying to keep the direction of the blog straight. It may just include influential people & there work & Shamanism showing how most religions roots are from such practices.

    WTF Enjoy the book :)

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