Sunday, June 17, 2007

info, lies & gossip pt1

2 things

Firstly. I gotta say it cos I'm pissed with it :) Sorry about Benga coming on every friggin time, I forgot to set the player to shuffle...

If you want any of the mixes though (there will ONLY be mix sets from now on) I'm gonna post the download links for the 'previous iPod playlist' each time a new set of 10 are added, probably every 2 weeks.(maybe weekly..?..)
Anyway you'll be able to grab them when the next 'lot' are added.

This 'lot' was just a kind of learning curve.. I'll still post what's available and you can get the Aaron Spectre stuff from his site (see May archive) or here now..

2nd up is the BURNING SKULLS (right at the bottom of the right hand column) - this is gonna be a 'hot' track taken from an album coming up, mainly cos it might be a bit different or special...

So give it a click n seee what you think.
That voice reminds me of possibly my favourite Squarepusher track. Anyone know it?
And the track on the 'BURNING SKULLS' is just so .. so szomething, old skool classic samnples painted over a dubstep framework, love it...

its a recent Planet Mu release btw... I'm sure via the track name you'll work out who it is.

I'll post it monday.



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