Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ceephax - Megalift EP (2007)

i've been looking forward to this having heard Ceephax / Ceephax Acid Krew way back and not knowing who he was loved it from the first off but its 5+ years down the line and he is Tom Jenkinson's younger brother.
With that in mind he totally surpases what you would expect from possible Squarepusher 'teachings'.
Completely forget who he is related to and 'HEAR' this shit :)

Ceephax - Megalift EP

Label - Planet Mu
Cat No - Ziq181
Released - 2007
Format - Vinyl 12"

A Side
01 - A1. Stir Fry Jungle
02 - A2. Friend Track
B Side
03 - B1. Time Tunnel
04 - B2. Castilian

yep, thats us there -->


    shmalfus said...

    I was at his show in April. As talented as his elder brother ;) 10x Turk

    Anonymous said...

    megaupload suxx---mirror ceefax at rapidshare plz!!thanx 4 your blog acidfanjavascript:void(0)
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    Turk said...

    You Jammy bastard!! :)
    Will re do this with 2 more OLD 12's/eps (maybe more, I'm sure I have 4 or 5?..)
    I need to sort mirrors for all posts, and try n do a couple a day as well older (re)posts of stuff for new visitors.

    Got friggin 1000's of IDM or whatever (I call ALL non dance music IDM btw except Glitch n Clicks n Cuts, Turntabalism, Blip or Trip Hop, Breaks/beat, Electro, Synth Pop :) whatever the f, its cos of my tag sh1tstem, so IDM will be in front of most stuff related (but nothingfor long since I just seen iTunify) for iTunes/iPod reasons, if you use a mac get iTunify to bulk edit tags and all sorts... old s/n works still for newest vrsn, quick ( (or msj) for iSerials/SBox) also get Media Rage (mp3 rage oddly isn't as good unless I'm missing something (oh Tri Tag is handy and mp3 Info CMM (found free or with the good mp3Voodoo tag editor etc.. I prefer mp3rage + s/n :) 0h yeah & R-Type, bl00dy handy - all essential mp3 tag tools, iTunes tags don't seem to 'stick' n media rage embeds 2 tas at once & now adds artwork to all folders files without having to save each if you've done the tags already.. oh shut up me!!

    hmm deffinately need an 'audio' blog for this stuff - mp3 apps n info, Pro Audio apps, samples & info (THATS 1 of the AV branch out ideas, a 'VIP' (whoever wants in) community making, mixing n fuck1ng about with noise would be cool - no 'pro's allowed :) just wannabes or at least humble helpful pros

    hm best I do another 'Lies, Bullsh1t & Gossip' info post for those that slightly come here for a little bit more than 'give me'