Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Technical Itch - Metal (2007)

Technical Itch
Release - Metal

Label: Ascension
Catalog#: ASCENSION 004
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 27 Mar 2007


01 - Metal
02 - Baalzamon


  • Tech Itch doing some Breaks, Grime, UK Garage -

    T U R N T H I S U P! M A X T H E B A S S OR DIE! --- this is shit hot!!!!!!!!!

    (Yeah i lied, the IDM is next) Tech Itch are, with Deisel Boy, my favourite straight up heavier D'n'B album artists, Darkside?? hmm hard to say... Noisia? Phace? Panacea? (when doing D'n'B) so many n i forget 'em easy...


    Shmalfus said...

    Fuck!!! iFolder says "server error" (((

    Turk said...

    Hi man, just checked it.

    Seems good to go now :)

    shmalfus said...

    already downloaded ))) Thx