Monday, May 21, 2007

Passenger Of Shit - 7 (2007)

They have done it! the sickist cover since Carcass... hmm Carcass was actual REAL body parts so maybe not.... either way its f*cked up n we love it! why? why not?
The music is of course the important part and yep, its sick also... but this artwork :)

GRAB the ARTWORK from here just in case. (copy/paste or drag) The far btm cover is the rear and has all release info on.. (too much 'release' on all of the artwork...)

Passenger Of Shit - 7
Label: Shitwank

Format: CDr, Limited Edition, Album
Country: Australia
Release: 2007


01 Blancheneigelapin-Intro
02 Trendy Cock Suckers Suck My Retard Vomit Pussy Cunt
03 Snort White Poo Powder Up Goat Cunt
04 Trendycore #13
05 Shit Sucking Ass Slaughter
06 Suck Worms Out My Farting Cunt
07 Staple Tape Worms On My Penis
08 Lick My Hairy Cunt Flaps
09 Suck Dogs Anus (Suckdog Rmx)
10 Dingoshitdicklick
11 Glue Sniffing
12 Terds Up Ya Rotting Beef
13 Ya Mums Face Covered With My Semen
14 Uncontrollable Diarhea
15 Amputate My Wart Cock To Feed My Anus
16 Eat My Fucking Ass Meat Right Now!
17 Terd Molested By Worm Penis
18 Dog Sperm
19 Cock Bashing Terd Butcher
20 Ya Mum Has Cameltoe
21 Untitled Dum Melody?
22 Anal Wanking Worm Cunt Severed Penis Fanny Dung Moot
23 Trendy Core 16
24 Panagiotis Cover
25 Intro


  • i cant remember but this may have a pa$$w0rd --> balders - if not good.

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