Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Drumcorps - Rmx Or Die (2005)

Another classic, different link in case you missed it or can't get it from the original post.

Drumcorps - Rmx Or Die

Label: Kriss Records
Catalog#: KRISS 2
Format: Vinyl, 10"
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2005
Style: Breakcore
Notes: Red vinyl

Track List:
A1 Vultures
A2 Saddest
B1 Incarnate
B2 Assassin
B3 Humanshields

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    Turk said...

    PASS: gabbaplanet.clan.su

    Yep I nicked this 1 from Gabbaplanet :)

    They haven't got much Breakcore except this fine peice of work and a DJ Hidden album which I am posting next (with another link as this and Hidden is a Rap1dsh1t link, but some peeps can use it, so i'll add it)

    All they have else is Bong Ra & Venetian Snarers which are all here, if not they will be.. so if you don't want to run around come here and let us do the work cos we like it :))

    I Love this friggin record...

    Stranger said...

    seriously amazing blog, i check this place every single day.

    i saw you accept requests, wondering if you have Live And Regret by drumcorps or anything by emotional joystick.

    thanks for making a blog for this kind of stuff.

    & if you're interested you can check out mine:


    great great work yer doing here man.