Thursday, May 31, 2007

Aaron Spectre - Evil Most Foul (2005)

Artist - Aaron Spectre
Release - Evil Most Foul

Label - Death$ucker Records
Country - UK
Cat # - D$R12.0

Format - Vinyl 12"
Released - 2005

Info - Limited to 500 copies. There HAS been a 2nd repressing now.
THIS download is from the 320KBPs MP3 purchase from


A side
01 - Look Out Fi Liar (5:53)

B side
02 - Mordor (5:29)
03 - Alien vs Rodigan (4:33)


    Anonymous said...

    wtf's with the zip file? windows blocks it and i can't see anything in it!!

    Turk said...


    well unblock it then...

    Turk said...

    Anyone got as problem? No? guess it must be your virus software or firewall... - from now on I'm zipping my shares, the only way I can rar files is booting up into OS9/classic or using terminal driven no GUI front end app, its a pain in the ass.

    So zip it :)

    Turk said...

    I just thought zip files are PC in origin, wtf are u on about? If I were to SIT or SITX a file I'd understand your probs but ZIP!! holy zhit :)

    btw My probs with RAR files are more than yours with Zip (see above) So 'shut it you old woman' :))))

    Seriously if you need help ask Shmalfus, he has/uses PC's/WinXP or a post in the Chatbox without the 'wtf' may get you a helpful reply (anybody think you were paying us to do this, the only time you use the comments is to whinge, bl00dy h3ll...

    I'm taking the p1$$ if you hadn't gathered btw... try an app called WINZIP I think Apple copied it...