Thursday, October 19, 2006

BOGDAN RACZYNSKI - 96 Drum'N'Bass Classixx (2002)

A 'classic' album, I love his stuff, plz enjoy. I would post more but I dont know if anyone wants it (cough) comments/chat request ;)

BOGDAN RACZYNSKI - 96 Drum'N'Bass Classixx

Label: Rephlex
Catalog#: CAT 120 LP
Format: 2xLP
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle, Experimental
Notes: Limited to 300 copies. Bogdan Raczynski has used a different 'old skool' artist name for each track.

A1 MC Slammah & Digital Hooliganz - Reach For Your Lives (4:22)
A2 Suburban Fox - Battle Zone 1996 (4:49)
A3 Abdullah K - Trip To The Boom (5:05)
B1 Re-Start - '96 'Ardkore Canin' (7:09)
C1 DJ Whisky - On The Case (5:05)
C2 Kingsland Kru - Pouch Fulla Seed (Hard On You Mix) (2:47)
C3 King Herod - Cyclops (4:30)
C4 Ronny Rinkles - Solid Hold On Me Solid Gold (1:47)
D1 4-Cillinda - D&D Diabolical (3:54)
D2 Optomotorist, The - Governor's Banquet (2:40)
D3 Senator Steele - Put Em Up Sharif (1:57)
D4 Agent 30 - 5L45H! 4TT4CK! 3NT3R K3Y! (5:44)


    Turk said...

    This has to be 1 of his best but they all good :) Ceephax Acid Crew also... must post some (he's Squarepushers brother isn't he? younger? older? gran?... dog?)
    Whatever his 303 works n on that Bunker label needs representing yum yum Rude 66 etc....

    Turk said...

    Shit i didn't thank you did i - oops


    he did it! not me!!