Saturday, October 21, 2006

419 Eaters - Scambaiters.

  • Heres a little thing i'll be adding from time to time, some for your knowledge & hopefully to help you as it has me & for others will be to help eh.. others :) WTF?

    419 Eaters are Scambaiters. You know the thing, some guy has 'died' (in Nigeria), your his nearest relative, you get a split of 200 billion billion peanuts or something amazing with the oh so legit solicitor etc etc..

    Well we are all bored of these emails etc so these guys (419 Eaters who it seems are very organised, have FUN with these scum assholes who prey on vulnerable people.

    Basically at root level they (could be you or me) keep the scammers busy so they don't rip off my or your 75 year old nan who just wants to see her grandchildrens pictures on the pc you (gave) got her when you upgraded, but as she checks her email falls into one of these blags, so if someone is already keeping that person (the criminal) busy, my nan can surf away safely. :)

    On the more 'skilled' levels they are bringing down false banks & all the other traps such as the false banks requesting your details and such. So good on them.

    Anyway you get the picture, if we all 'baited' a scammer once a week, in about 3 months they'd give up.

    Drop by, check the forums, i bet theres a funny story or 10 as all 'baits' are recorded for our amusement. Some scams are quite sophisticated (when they are trying to gain trust of someone to send £50,000 i'd imagine a LOT of effort can go into certain scams) I see video's are sent out to baiters etc (to show a ?? house ? or whatever exists. I could go on and have said far too much already. Hope you stayed with me.

    :) Its a good cause. I'll post more as i find them, they are all over my computers in folders... just found this 1.

    So please drop by if only for curiosity.

  • 419 Eaters - SCAMBAITERS
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