Friday, September 22, 2006

Sacred Symbols Of Mu 2CD (2006)

V/A - Sacred Symbols Of Mu
Year: 2006
Label: Planet Mu
Country: UK
Format: 2CD
Style: Various
Quality: VBR

1-01 Dykehouse - The Unbearable Phatness Of Being (3:45)
1-02 Shitmat - That Track (4:53)
1-03 Tom Burbank - Gnats (4:02)
1-04 Venetian Snares - Chinaski R.I.P. (3:45)
1-05 Leafcutter John - Lesson (5:55)
1-06 Virus Syndicate - Neva (3:13)
1-07 Luke Vibert - Clikilik (5:19)
1-08 Daedelus - Dumbfound (edIT Remix) (5:00)
1-09 Pinch - Punisher (4:21)
1-10 Breakage - The 9th Hand (7:07)
1-11 DJ Distance - Traffic (5:22)
1-12 0=0 - More Than Anything (4:43)

Disc 2

2-01 Vex'd - 3rd Choice (6:23)
2-02 µ-Ziq - Wergle The Proud (4:00)
2-03 Jega - Aerodynamic (4:23)
2-04 The Gasman - Trampoline 4 (5:15)
2-05 Soundmurderer & SK-1 - Toronto V.I.P. (7:21)
2-06 Boxcutter - Chiral (6:08)
2-07 Chevron - Luton Airport Parkway (5:03)
2-08 Equinox - Acid Rain V.I.P. (Breakage Final Chapter Mix) (9:05)
2-09 Milanese - Cognac (6:10)
2-10 Last Step - Lives With Angel (4:01)
2-11 Julian Fane - Joyce Lang (4:26)
2-12 Mileece - Tau (7:12)


  • Password: scumdrum

    INFO on this share (re some included artists introducing a bit of breakcore + a good old 'piracy' rant & AV's hourly breakcore forecast :)

    This 'share' is a half & half intro into Breakcore with Venetain Snares being well known and without using 20 different tags he creates his style of Breakcore, Shitmat true breakcore, as Soundmurderer, The Gasman & Chevron then theres the more dubby Boxcutter (which i have to say is bloody excellent) also i have an early Dykehouse which i will post for its rariety value, its good as well as Paradinas (Planet Mu) rereleased it, if liked i do have a recent 12" (btw 12" will be placed on share sites that DO NOT have an hour wait per download i know we all should buy the records blah blah but taping music never killed it nor will mp3's, the positive effect hopefully might/will cut out the large money grabbing record companies & give the earnt cash to the artists instead by lowering the cost,(removing them & their profit) I know if 12"s were £2 instead of £5+ & CD's £4-£5 i'd buy more, 7" used to cost 79p-99p with corporated involved prices of vinyl are only high because of the larger companies i could go MORE into it but your brain works of course...& we all know a blank cd is about 30p so £12-£15? Fuck Off!!) rant over :)
    so... also the great sounding Daedeleus and others but I wish to stear toward breakcore so i'll be sharing the related artists.

    I'll will in time post albums I have of the artists on this compilation (Luke Vibert, Leafcutter John, Jega, Vex'd but with Venetian Snares & U(µ) Ziq there's many to choose from, if you have a request... ask away... though certain V Snares collabs will go up anyway, but owning 25+ and having nearly as many live sets its still best in the requests alongside many other bigger names - Squarepusher, Autechre, AFX, Vibert/Wagon Christ/Amen Andrews + & many Drum 'n' Bass artists ps I'm not 1 to collect the realy obvious artists eg Peshay though i have certain 12"s of interest or GLR releases (Points in Time 1-9 for eg.)

    Yep its Rapid$hare, we all hate them, (i assume) except they are fast. When this IS pulled i'll re-post it with iFolder, Deposit Files or similar all be it they are a little slower (well in some cases upto an 1/8th) iFolder holds your file indeffinately, rarely (if ever) removes files & they aren't rapidsh4re. For more info please read the iFolder post for non Russian speaking users, i found it useful (it opened up 100's of 'files' that were innaccessable to me)

    k i can hear the snoring... i'll post Boxcutter, Chevron, Dykehouse & another Planet Mu of Pest (i've not heard it yet, just got it, if its kak (Future Music rated it highly) i will add ??

    Peace Off

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