Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dj Shadow & Cut Chemist - Brainfreeze Breaks (2003)

As I've said I want to cover Breakcore, Drill'n'Bass, Dub Step, IDM styles but that dosen't mean I won't cover other genres... so here's 2 albums I 'likes' just a bit :)


Artist: Dj Shadow & Cut Chemist
Title: Brainfreeze Breaks
Year: 2003
Label: 7 Inch
Style: Breakbeat, Breaks, Cut-up/DJ
Bitrate: cbr 192 kb/s
Size: 102 mb

Various Artists - "Brainfreeze Breaks"

Tracklisting :

01.Fried Chicken "funky dj"
02.Salt "hung up"
03.Mack Rice "three people in love"
04.Eddie Bo "from this day on"
05.Odetta "hit or miss"
06.Rueben Bell "superjock"
07.The Nu People "I'd be nowhere without you"
08.Tony Alvon & The Belairs "sexy coffe pot"
09.The Singing Principal "women's liberation"
10.The Soul Lifters "hot, funky, and sweaty"
11.Giorgio "tears"
12.Gary Byrd "soul travelin' pt. 1 (the G.B.E.)"
13.Wilbur Bascomb and The Zodiac "just a groove in "g'"
14.Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham "lover & a friend"
15.The Mystic Moods "cosmic sea"
16.7-Eleven "dance the slurp"
17.Alvin Cash "keep on dancing"
18.Thunder & Lightning "bumpin' bus stop"
19.Sugar Billy Garner "I got some"
20.Lou Courtney "hey joyce"
21.Simtec & Wylie "bootleggin"
22.Pearly Queen "quit jivin"
23.Original Soul Senders "soul brother testify"
24.The Vibrettes "humpty dump"
25.Third Guitar "baby don't cry"
26.Pleasure Web "music man"

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